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Sabotage Poster

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the busiest elderly dude in movies? The legend showed up in two heavy action roles in 2013, The Last Stand and Escape Plan, the latter with fellow oldster Sylvester Stallone. In 2014 he’s set to complete the Expendables trilogy and pop up in zombie movie Maggie; and then in 2015 he'll be back as the titular cyborg in the Terminator reboot. Schwarzenegger is 66 now, but he seems like he's still far away from any 4 PM dinners, leisure hour bingo sessions, and titanium walkers. Before all that he’s stretching his body to the limit once again in the fierce-looking Sabotage.

The first look at the trailer promised a pretty intense experience, with Schwarzenegger heading a group of DEA agents who bust a notorious drug dealer. Victory is short-lived, however, when the members of the team start to get picked-off one-by-one. If this sounds a lot like End Of Watch, it’s because it’s from writer-director David Ayer, who also helmed that film and wrote Training Day. Ayer’s got an assist this time around from writer Skip Woods, who also wrote A Good Day To Die Hard, X-Men Origins: Wolverine... boy does that make my excitement level go downhill fast.

Every once in a while, there’s an industry flare-up, and some studios and filmmakers attempt to tone down the emphasis on guns. Apparently the guys making the Sabotage poster didn’t get that memo, because this peek, courtesy of IGN, promises us Arnold leading a collection of heavily-armed toughies, almost all the actors getting above-the-title placement. Have you ever seen Olivia Williams look so hard? No. No you have not.

The fun part of checking out posters for action movies is seeing who’s looking in a different direction. Either it’s a really obvious tell as to who the bad guy or mole might be, or its total misdirection. Here, it seems like Terrence Howard, who has racked up plenty of villain credits, may have his own agenda. What stories do you tell, Sabotage poster? What lies do you tell? How your mistruths seduce us all!

The tagline Leave No Loose Ends certainly suggests that more than a few bodies will be dropping in this R-rated spring offering, one of two David Ayer films that are set to come out in 2014 (the holidays will see Ayer team with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf for the World War II actioner Fury).

April is now becoming loaded with big titles, as Sabotage hits theaters a week after and on the same day as Draft Day, another male-centric offering that features one of Schwarzenegger’s peers, Kevin Costner, trying to put together a winning football team. Does this poster sell you on one more go-round with old man Schwarzenegger? Sound off below

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