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The lists don’t lie: Park Chan-wook’s Stoker was the best movie of 2013. Or, at the very least, it is the only movie that made it onto all four Year-End Top 10 lists mapped out by our movie contributors: Sean; Kristy; Eric; and Mack.

The creepy and incestuous thriller topped Oscar-contending powerhouses like Gravity and 12 Years a Slave, which each ended up on three out of the four lists. And in a bit of a surprise, the breathtaking coming-of-age teen drama The Spectacular Now charmed three of our movie writers, landing on Sean, Eric and Mack’s lists. Guess they are suckers for the filmography of the late John Hughes.

Several other films landed on two of the four lists. Our writers singled out Spike Jonze’s futuristic romance Her, the devastating foreign film The Broken Circle Breakdown, Jeff Nichols’ Mud and Disney’s winning animation effort Frozen as some of this year’s best films.

And now we want to hear from you. What was YOUR favorite film from 2013? Was it one of the ones we selected? Something totally different? What did we miss? What do we still need to see? We’re putting the finishing touches on what was a spectacular year of film, and we’re beginning to look ahead to 2014. We’ll have lists of our most anticipated movies for the upcoming year up on the site before the week’s end.

But for now, the floor is yours. Hit the comments section below, tell us your favorite movie from 2013, and explain why. Hopefully CB readers can comb through the suggestions listed below and filter out more than a few must-see movies from the year that just ended. While you think about your selection, enjoy the Stoker trailer. It really is a work of art.

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