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Noah is coming, and with it so is a flood of new marketing materials, including character posters, a graphic novel series, and a hotly anticipated soundtrack. Academy Award-nominated writer-director Darren Aronofsky adapted this biblical story with the help of Ari Handel. Russell Crowe headlines as Noah, a man drowned in apocalyptic visions of a world-rattling flood. Fated to be mankind's salvation, he gathers his family close, and readies for the waters to rise by building a massive ark.

In the latest Noah posters--viewable above and below thanks to The Playlist--the focus is star power. Crowe's bearded and brave as his visage towers high above the flood waters, and what appears to be a boxy ark. In the second promo poster, Jennifer Connelly looks steely yet scared as Noah's wife, Naameh. Will posters follow of co-stars Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins? We'll have to wait and sea see.

EW revealed the cover for the film's English-language graphic novel. Forget a movie tie-in cover, Noah's comic book goes old-school sci-fi novel instead. Drawn by artist Niko Henrichon , the sun and moon seem to share the sky as a man (presumably Noah) looks over the devastation of a ruined planet. There's no flood waters in view, but is that what appears to be the remains of an ark? The graphic novel will be released by Image Comics in four parts; the first of these will debut on March 18th.

And in other Noah news, Aronofsky has dropped some details on its soundtrack. Of course Clint Mansell will be the film's composer, as he's been making music for Aronofsky's movies since 1998's Pi. But this time he's getting some assistance from the celebrated string foursome Kronos Quartet. And that's not all. American punk icon Patty Smith has also been brought on board to contribute a very special song to the film's soundscape.

Aronofsky told Rolling Stone:
""I've been friends with Patti for a long time, and I needed a lullaby for the movie because it's a big part of the story. I was telling Patti about my struggles, and it turns out she's studied lullabies and writes a lot of them. She was like, 'Can I please write it for you?' And I said, 'You're asking me that question?' [Laughs] I said 'absolutely' with as much of a poker face as possible. She wrote this incredible lullaby that Russell Crowe sings to Emma Watson in the movie. It's really touching and beautiful."

Here's a group shot from the recording session, revealing its title "Mercy Is":

Noah opens March 28th.

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