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There’s no formula for the perfect way to create the sequel to a film 20 years after the original was released, regardless of what that sequel may be. The easiest and most obvious way to go about it is to give fans something familiar to hook them in based on their memories. I was kind of hoping that Dumb and Dumber To wouldn’t jump into that mindset immediately, given that the first one’s enormous fanbase doesn’t really need any reminders of how good the first movie was, but the premiere teaser posters for the November release do just that with the signature vivid suits that Harry and Lloyd wore to the snow owl preservation gala. I can’t argue with the visual pop that the orange brings, and it’s a nice touch to have them just hanging up.

I’d also love to take issue with the "Dumbing Soon" tagline with the backwards B, but I’d rather be decisively hopeful about what this much-anticipated film might give audiences instead. I just don’t want the entire film to be a parade of references. That said, this is one of the best callbacks to make, as these inspired tuxedos surely pissed off many brides whose (awesome) husbands just couldn’t resist the urge to take their wedding day attire to the next level.

Now let’s head into Harry’s closet for something in a bright blue.

dumb and dumber to poster

These posters come courtesy of the film's official Tumblr account, appropriately named Dumblr. If you remember, we actually ran a story some years back with designs for posters based on film clothing, though their interpretation was of the top hats and bow ties alone. I guess there’s no reason to bring out the infringement papers.

In this sequel, co-written by directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly along with a slew of others, Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) are headed on another road trip, this time with the hopes of tracking down Harry’s illegitimate daughter because he’s the only person who can donate a piece of his liver for her. Along the way they cross paths with Dr. Pichlow (Steve Tom), his daughter Penny (Rachel Melvin) and murderous wife Adele (Laurie Holden), who has plans to run away with the family’s fortune. Kathleen Turner and Rob Riggle also star, and we can also expect to see a few surprise cameos along the way.

The movie will ride a moped into theaters on November 14th. Below is the previously released first official still from the film, which has been pretty good about keeping a tight lid on everything. We'll have more for you as it comes available!

dumb and dumber to

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