This could start to feel like the dregs of summer. It could. But it isn't. Do you know why? Because there’s something to get excited about, with an unexpectedly great comic book movie hitting the screen. We’ve got Guardians of the Galaxy coming at you with a little James Brown to keep the funk alive.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Rotten Watch Prediction
You know Marvel is doing something right when even their B-team of superheros are coming out with crazy good movies. While the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t nobodies, few would consider them to be in the top 300 of comic book characters they’d like to see films about. I’m sure some of the other smaller name Marvel characters are starting to get together in the hopes they’ll be chosen. Cloak and Dagger must be chomping at the bit.

Take a look at the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy below:

This movie feels like it just shouldn’t work. The comic book characters are all over the place (there's a talking raccoon, for Pete’s sake!), and inhabiting the entire universe is never an easy feat for a movie setting. But, by all early accounts, not only does it work, it kicks ass. The film's reviews are perfect so far, the film sitting at 100% with twenty-five reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The James Gunn-directed film is earning high praise. It’s a crazy premise with a variety of intergalactic characters combining as a team that defends the cosmos from Thanos and whoever else happens to threaten the universe. It’s scope would seem both broad and finite at the same time considering the characters are so unique, and the premise so big. Kudos, James Gunn. Kudos.

Cinema Blend’s Eric Eisenberg loved the film, giving it five stars in his review and extolling the virtues of the film’s comedy, action sequences, soundtrack, and heart-warming storyline. It's is about as positive a review as you’ll ever read. Frankly, it’s a an amazing time to be a fan of comic book movies. Not everything has been great for sure, but the bar continues to rise higher and higher each year with consistent envelope-pushing. I love it, and so should you. If a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy can work, then we should be excited about every new character and team that gets their own film.

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