This weekend, audiences will get the chance to groove and thrill to the exploits of James Brown in Get On Up, depicting his history as an exciting, checkered, and booty-thumping legacy. It's not the first music biopic, and it won't be the last, but it does seem to provide audiences with the charge you'd expect from a movie loaded with great tunes and almost non-stop dancing. So how about 24 hours of that?

This latest marathon actually runs a little long – it'll take you from noon to 12:30 the next day. But the effort was made to avoid simply listing the best of the genre, instead focusing on a diverse and wildly different collection of stories, from legends like Bob Dylan, to curiosities like Glenn Gould, titans like Notorious B.I.G. and tragedies like Kurt Cobain. All the music you could think to imagine is right here, in the 24-Hour Music Biopic Marathon.

Walk The Line
We'll start at noon to the sweet sounds of Johnny Cash. The James Mangold-directed drama is actually the highest-grossing music biopic of all-time, and when you see it you'll note why: the delicate relationship at its core (superbly acted by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon), beat-by-beat summary of a rock-star's life, lived vicariously, and the unbeatable music of a legend.

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