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It doesn't matter what form of entertainment you're auditioning for, be it writing for an entertainment website or starring in a television/film project - the process is designed to be grueling. After all, someone is paying a person to take part in bringing their vision to life, why would they settle for second best? American sweetheart/former superspy Jennifer Garner knows a thing or two about just how rough this can be, and she has a pretty great embarrassing story to show for it.

While hanging out at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Garner filmed an entry for Fallon's regular web series My Worst Audition. While the story is all about the same project (an unnamed Edward Burns picture), it spans across several callback auditions and involves a very old piece of advice that was spread around in the golden days of Hollywood. Apparently it was a custom to wear the same outfit you wore to your first audition if you ended up getting a callback. The rationale behind this was solid, as back then there are auditions where they'll pick you out of a lineup of people.

Unfortunately, this audition had Jennifer Garner all by herself in front of Edward Burns, and whomever else was in the room. Garner kept getting called back for the part, and, continuing to believe in the advice she was once given, she kept wearing the same outfit to each callback. It got to the point where her agent was outright asked if she actually had other clothes or not, seeing as she couldn't really wash her clothes for the frequency of callbacks they called her in for. Much to her chagrin, she didn't get the part.

Of course, we all know that Jennifer Garner's story has a happy ending, as she eventually landed plum roles on Felicity and Alias, which both eventually lead to a rather successful film career, and indirectly to her marriage to Ben Affleck. But what if that audition worked out for her? Though the film isn't named implicitly, it can be assumed that it was a project that Edward Burns directed in the early days of Garner's career. If that's the case, we're looking at either 1996's She's The One or 1998's No Looking Back, and judging by her early career pattern, it's safe to say she was being considered for the former project – more than likely for the role that similarly-fledging Cameron Diaz eventually won.

So say that Jennifer Garner took Diaz's role in No Looking Back. This could have put her on the track to scoop up the key roles that Diaz had in films like A Life Less Ordinary, There's Something About Mary, and even Charlie's Angels. Of course, this path would have eventually lead her to make Sex Tape, and seeing as how that film couldn't be saved by an all star supporting cast, it would appear she dodged the ultimate bullet.

Whatever the case, fate stepped in when it did and pushed Jennifer Garner onto a different path of stardom, and it's worked out rather well for her. Especially considering her next project up is Jason Reitman's prestige contender Men, Women, and Children, which opens in limited release this weekend. However, if you prefer your Jennifer Garner with a light and laughable air about her, you can catch her in Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day when it opens on October 10th.

Now, if you want to hear the story from the source herself, you can always click onto page 2 and watch the video!

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