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After a string of critical hits, Jason Reitman has hit a rough patch with a pair of duds, Labor Day and Men, Women & Children. But Reitman is looking to turn things around with an enticing new project.

THR reports Focus Features has just signed Jason Reitman to helm I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family, a comedy penned by Nick Hornby of About a Boy fame. Incredibly, the film is actually a biopic of sorts, based on a real incident where a seemingly normal Texas family banded together to pull off a pair of bank robberies before being collared. This bizarre family adventure will be adapted from Skip Hollandsworth's Texas Monthly article of the same name, "I Would Only Rob Banks For My Family."

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Fittingly, I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family will be a family affair, as Jason Reitman will direct with his father Ivan Reitman producing under his Montecito Picture Company banner. This marks the pair's first collaboration since the Oscar-nominated Up In The Air.

I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family could be just what Jason Reitman needs to right the path of his career. As the son of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, he had an unenviable shadow from which to break free. Nonetheless, Jason broke out in 2005 with his slickly and sick adaptation of Christopher Buckley's novel Thank You For Smoking, which performed well and the box office and won praise from critics. Then in 2007, he helmed the deeply quirky comedy Juno. The $7.5 million movie not only proved a massive hit--bringing in $231 million worldwide--but also won screenwriter Diablo Cody an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and became a pop culture touchstone.

In 2009, Jason Reitman followed up Juno with a darkly comedic adaptation of Walter Kirn's novel Up In the Air, and earned six Oscar nominations as well as much more critical acclaim. Two years later, he dolled out Young Adult, a pitch-black comedy that was too daring for Oscar, but was beloved by critics. And then things took a turn.

Last year, Reitman released his adaptation of Joyce Maynard's novel Labor Day. And despite a cast that boasted Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, this drama fell flat both critically and financially. Reitman recently acknowledged the film's problems, while promoting his latest, Men, Women & Children. Unfortunately, this adaptation of Chad Kultgen's novel has only furthered the narrative that Reitman's lost his spark. The critically scorned drama screened for only four weeks, and made just $705,908. So, yes. It's time for a Reitman resurrection. Pairing him with Hornby on a project that's sure to be a bit silly and a lot heartfelt seems the perfect platform.

It's unknown when I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family will roll into production, but we'll keep you posted.

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