Movies are like gifts: on the outside, you think you have a good idea of what you're anticipating. So you go along with the experience, knowing full well that in the end, good or bad, you asked for the end result. This is the process that led us to love such films as Iron Man or The Cabin In The Woods, films that were unknown quantities when they started, but became big time hits once they were revealed to the world.

Of course, this scenario works the other way too, and that's when you find the movies that were supposed to be the next big hit, but decided to add an extra letter to their title. It's those movies that we have come to dishonor today, so be sure to keep your receipts handy, as you'll probably want your money back for the next 10 films that -- in my humble opinion -- let audiences down in 2014. Let me explain why:

10. 300: Rise Of An Empire
300 was a hell of a surprise when it made its debut in 2006. It was only Zack Snyder's second film, but with it, he cemented his visual language, and started to make a name for himself as a master adapter of comic properties. If only Noam Murro had as much luck with his sophomore outing, as 300: Rise Of An Empire took its sweet time to tell a story that's not even half as compelling as the original 300 was. Still, it could have been a lot worse, and the moments when the film believes in itself lead to some over the top thrills and debauchery that no other R-rated film will match. Finding the wait for 50 Shades Of Grey to be a strain on your patience? Try watching the big sex scene on the boat.

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