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As a winner on Oscar Night, time is your enemy. You have a pre-set amount of time to thank everyone and anyone you can think of - at a moment where it's hard to even string together a sentence you wrote before the show. Of course, there are those brave few that pay no attention to the musical menace that stalks them, and Ida director Pawel Pawlikowski has joined their ranks. Watch him gleefully break the rules in the video below.

Clearly excited to be up at the podium, Pawlikowski went up to the podium and maintained his cool for the most part at the beginning of his remarks. As time went on though, you could hear the excitement taking over. An excitement powerful enough to bulldoze through the mandated "wrap it up" music that The Academy loves to use to intimidate winners. Did he run over time? Yes. But did he thank pretty much everyone he could? You betcha!

Pawlikowski's speech not only broke the wall of sound that is the play off music, it also managed to be one of the few speeches - if not the first - that's ever experienced a double play off! Not only did he step on the pre-programmed music that separates speeches from the segments, but it sounds like it ran into the music that was supposed to open the next segment. The orchestra came at him twice, and they missed each time, unable to assail Pawel Pawilkowski's spirited Oscar win for the Best Foreign Film of the year.

Of course, there's also cases where the complete opposite happens and an Oscar winner gets played off before even uttering a sentence. You can see that in the video below from the 2008 ceremony, where Marketa Irglova was played off right before she had a chance to thank anyone.

Interestingly enough, tonight almost found itself repeating history as the team for The Grand Budapest Hotel's Best Production Design win left Anna Pinnock with only once sentence of thanks to Wes Anderson for his screenplay. Maybe in the future the Academy will get it right with the play off music, but for tonight let's celebrate the fact that an Oscar winner made history with a moment that will probably never be repeated ever again.

Ida is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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