It's that time of year again when New York is flooded with celebs, Manhattan’s elite and film fanatics for the week-and-a-half-long Tribeca Film Festival. The festival is open to press, celebs and the general public, as the city celebrates numerous films making their debuts. This year's festivities include a slew of world premieres, one highly anticipated SNL documentary to kick things off, and a couple high-profile anniversary celebrations to pique your interest. And it all comes to a close with a 25th anniversary screening of Goodfellas with Martin Scorsese and his cast.

As we set out to cover the festival, which starts on the night of April 15 with a screening of Live From New York!, there are a lot of titles we're eager to see. From James Franco's latest effort, to a Michael Fassbender-led Western, to a dramatic transformation from an SNL alum, to a few star-studded affairs, the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival has a lot to offer movie lovers. If you're planning on attending, here are 11 films you should check out.

Adderall Diaries
1. The Adderall Diaries
No, this is not just the title memoirs about all of our early high school years. (Just kidding…kind of.) It’s actually the title of the adaptation of Stephen Elliott’s memoirs. Starring James Franco and Ed Harris, the film tells the story of a writer navigating through an amphetamine haze, while suffering from writer’s block and becoming increasingly obsessed with a high-profile murder trial. This environment forces him to relive some of his childhood’s harsher memories, but soon his distant father emerges back into the picture and blurs the line separating reality and the festering mirages of a drug-addled mind. Franco has his fair share of haters, but even they have to admit this guy takes interesting risks with his films. And The Adderall Diaries is another eye-catching title.

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