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Another day, another movie full of sins. From the director who brought you District 9 and the YouTube video maker who took your entire lunch break to tear apart Transformers: Age of Extinction comes: Everything Wrong With Chappie.

If you’re a fan of CinemaSins, and you really should be, you know what you’re in for here. The majority of the films sins are the standard fare: people in movies not acting the way real people would in the same situation, because the script requires ridiculous things to occur in order to progress. But the video also showcases the near bait and switch the movie tried to pull off by featuring Hugh Jackman in the trailers, when he really isn’t in the movie all that much. Also, for an artificial intelligence, Chappie is really stupid. He’s told repeatedly by his creator to not commit crimes, and while he seems to understand what a crime is, he is essentially fooled multiple times into committing them. Dumb, just dumb. Also, what is the director’s obsession with having all climactic fights take place in yellow tinted factories?

Of course, the problems with Chappie go far beyond just those simple issues. For example, we do all need to have a word about Die Antwoord. The South African rap duo are in the movie. They play characters who have the same names as their artist personas. They listen to the music of the band that they are in. You can’t just do that. That’s not acceptable. Are they musicians or criminals? You can’t have it both ways. If the music exists in the film then so does the band, right? Is their recording contract so bad that they have to rob armored cars to make ends meet? Man, that sucks.

Chappie was one of those movies that looked good, or at the very least interesting, when the trailers came out, but then it just seemed like nobody bothered to see it. Director Neill Blomkamp, gave us the thoroughly good District 9 and the entirely serviceable Elysium This however, was not up to the set standard. This is a movie with a discount ED-209 and what is essentially Short Circuit with guns. It gets nailed for both by CinemaSins.

In the end Chappie survives with 145 sins. While that seems like a lot, believe me, it’s been a lot worse. In the final analysis, Chappie isn’t a bad movie, it’s just a mostly useless one. While watching a CinemaSins video of a movie you like can actually make it a little difficult to enjoy; but if you haven’t seen this one yet, you almost certainly won’t, so enjoy.

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