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Ellen Page is currently holding discussions to star in a remake of Flatliners, the cult 1990s sci-fi thriller that starred Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, and Kiefer Sutherland. But rather than being another meager rehash of a much loved film, which has simply been made to cash-in on its success, the new Flatliners has got some pretty impressive talent involved behind the camera too.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, as well as the always charming and watchable Ellen Page, Niels Arden Oplev is already onboard to direct, while Ben Ripley has been hard at work on the screenplay. 

More of them later though, because for those of you that don’t know Flatliners was a 1990 film, directed by Joel Schumacher, which revolves around five medical students who try to find out what lies beyond death. They produce experiments that allow them to experience near-death, which takes them to the afterlife. Unfortunately, though, things soon start to go awry.

Flatliners was originally met with relatively mixed reviews, but it has since turned into rather cult commodity thanks to the fact that each of its cast members went on to become huge stars. It also returned the healthy sum of $61. 5 million from its $26 million budget, too. 

While it’s clearly still too early to tell, the potential remake for Flatliners may actually prove to be worthwhile. Opley and Ripley might not be household names, but their combination and cinematic output is enough to make a new Flatliners immediately pique your interest. That’s because Niels Arden Oplev was the director of the original Swedish version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which broke box office records across Europe and was then remade in Hollywood by David Fincher in 2011.

After deciding not to direct the second and third parts of the Millennium Trilogy, Oplev has since worked on Dead Man Down and TV’s Under The Dome, both of which were disappointments. However, he recently returned with another TV series, Mr. Robot, one was critically lauded. 

Meanwhile, Ben Ripley previously found acclaim from critics thanks to his work as the writer of 2011’s Source Code, which was directed by Duncan Jones, starred Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, and Vera Farmiga, and was deemed one of the best films of 2011. So good in fact that its director Duncan Jones, the son of musician David Bowie and who also directed the critically acclaimed Moon, has spent the last three to four years working on the big-budget Warcraft adaptation. 

A film from the pen of the writer of Source Code, directed by the man who oversaw Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and starring Ellen Page is always going to be intriguing. And when you throw in the fact that it’s a modernised remake of Flatliners, well, that might just make it damn near un-missable. It's probably best to wait for it to be greenlit or to actually see a trailer first before jumping to those conclusions, but it at least has our attention. 
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