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If you thought getting an acting job on a film like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was hard enough, try attempting to become one of the many stunt professionals involved in the production. BJ Davis bent over backwards to get the gig, and now he’s suing because of a particularly brutal clothesline – and the supposed malice hiding behind it.

The Hollywood Reporter picked up on the story of Davis’ lawsuit against Sony Pictures, as well as the producers of the 2014 film, that has caused Sony enough headaches that they eventually decided to share the character with Marvel Studios. What they won’t be sharing though is the alleged mistreatment of Mr. Davis, who claims that every step of the way he’s been discriminated against due to his age. At the time of production, BJ Davis was 61 and a Los Angeles resident. But by time The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was finished with him he had moved to New York, found out he was being paid less than his younger counterparts, and was supposedly injured so bad that he couldn’t work after the film had wrapped.

The career ending injuries were due to a surprise clothesline tackle, during a shoot that was supposed to contain "no physical contact" between the stunt workers. Strangely enough, the person who delivered the blow had told Davis that it was ordered by The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s stunt co-ordinator. Davis uprooted his life and took lower paying stunts, all to be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and you wouldn’t know that, because his name has allegedly been removed from the film.

Now obviously, these are a lot of nasty allegations that need to be vetted and investigated to their fullest extent. If one were to cross-examine the details here, a case could be made that Davis is a disgruntled stunt professional who wasn’t happy with the piece of the pie he was given. This could have sewn some seeds of resentment, and thus led to the case you see in front of you. However, that being said, if this turns out to be a legitimate case, this could prove to be extremely problematic for Sony.

With the studio still reeling from both the hack attack it suffered against its networks, as well as the financial doom that has been highlighted with bombs like Pixels, Aloha, and The Walk, the woes of the once proud studio continue to compile. However, the case of BJ Davis’ allegations are probably the most serious pitfall suffered by Sony Pictures, as this is a pretty damning case of systematic discrimination in a year where the dangers stunt professionals face are on particular display. We’ll see where this case lands in the coming weeks, but in the meantime we hope that the matter can be solved expediently with all due diligence paid to the claims made.

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