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Every year the Academy Awards try new things in an attempt to streamline the ceremony and keep it from running over. This year, their brilliant idea was to have the nominees list most of their thank yous ahead of time, and then they were run as a text crawl on the bottom of the screen while the winner gave their acceptance speech. One of this year’s winners decided to use it to do a little more than that. It turns out Pete Docter’s kids really wanted to get a dog, and he’s decided to go along with it.

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Inside Out director Pete Docter found himself on the Oscar stage for the second time when the Pixar film received the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for their film about emotions. We’re pretty sure that the director’s children were already feeling joy when they found out their father had just won an award. It must have increased by an exponential level if they noticed the text at the bottom of the screen informing them that dad had decided getting a dog was ok.

Inside Out was one of the few movies that seemed to be a surefire Oscar win this year. While many of the awards seemed to be a free-for-all, Inside Out was something else. Pixar is always a force to be reckoned with when it comes to animated feature films, but Inside Out was a cut above even for them. Maybe it was this fact that gave Pete Docter the confidence to include the note to his kids along with his other thank-yous. Unless he was only going to let them have a dog if he won. We’ll assume that if he’d actually lost he would have told them they could have a dog when he got home. The alternative is actually a pretty depressing thought.

The text crawl idea may have been subtly brilliant. With the winners not forced to consider every single person that they want to thank, it freed many of them up to talk about other things. Since Pete Docter didn’t need to take any of his precious time to tell his kids they could get a dog, he was able to take that time to give an inspirational speech to every current, and former, confused teen who wasn’t sure what to do with their life. He urged them to create. It was one of Oscar night's most inspiring moments.

We can imagine that if the text thank yous return next year that more and more people will find interesting ways to use them. What did you think of it as a broadcast tool?

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