Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of the most satisfying spy action films in recent memory. Besides old standards like the James Bond films, few movies have been able to bring something unique and exciting to the genre. Kingsman: The Secret Service did so by having captivating characters and by not taking itself too seriously. Because of the financial and critical success that Kingsman was, a sequel was quickly ordered. While we’re still mostly in the dark regarding the second foray into the world of the Kingsman organization, details have begun slowly trickling out.

Empire Magazine (via has just revealed the first major plot points of the second Kingsman movie. For one, the title has been reported as Kingsman: The Golden Circle. While it is unclear what exactly the golden circle is referring to, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to be an enemy group led by the Julianne Moore’s villainous character. Since the first film’s title fleshed out the hero organization, it would make sense for them to go the opposite route in the sequel.

As far as plot goes, we know that one of the major arcs of Kingsman: The Golden Circle is that the agency will be teaming up with their American counterparts, led by Halle Berry. This team-up isn’t exactly voluntarily as the Empire article also showed concept art of the Kingsman HQ being completely decimated. 

Director Matthew Vaughn also opened up regarding his initial worry to sign on for another Kingsman film:
I didn't know if I wanted to direct this or not. I was worried about the villain. Spy films are only as good as their villains. Then one morning I woke up with the whole storyline in place, and a new villain plot.

This does make a bit of sense. One of the aspects of Kingsman: The Secret Service that audiences were most receptive with was the main villain. Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of Richmond Valentine was truly something else. Rather than being one sided and evil, Valentine was deeply flawed. While an evil mastermind, Jackson spoke with a lisp. Additionally, Valentine didn’t enjoy violence, in fact he had a hard time keeping his lunch down when faced with gore. Of course, this didn’t stop him from trying to cause essentially worldwide extinction. He just doesn’t want to see the blood.

Luckily for Matthew Vaughn, the next big villain will be played by none other than Julianne Moore. As one of the most applauded actresses of all time, she is sure to bring the nuanced performance which convinced Vaughn to sign onto the project. 

We will continue to update you regarding Kingsman: The Golden Circle as more information becomes public to us. 
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 3M Kingsman: The Golden Circle Sydney Skubic
Kingsman: The Secret Service 3M Kingsman: The Secret Service Sydney Skubic
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