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The Bronze was something of an under-the-radar film to begin with, so the fact that it didn’t have a blockbuster debut wasn’t necessarily a surprise. Having said that, the opening it got had to have been disappointing. Still, the movie isn’t going to just accept its ill fortune and move on. Star Melissa Rauch, or more accurately her character from The Bronze, Hope Ann Gregory, is ready to talk about making a sequel, and she’s brought some Olympic muscle with her in order to be sure she gets what she wants.

Seeing the character of Hope Ann Gregory and Tonya Harding side by side is a little bit too much. If it wasn’t obvious that Harding was something of an inspiration for The Bronze before, it certainly is now. While the film deals with an Olympic gymnast rather than a figure skater, one of them is certainly playing the part to be like the other, though we’re not sure which one is doing more acting.

Calling The Bronze a "soft opening," which is a phrase we will never use again after watching this video, is an incredibly generous statement. In its first weekend of wide release the film did $386,328 in business, putting it in 25th place. To put that in perspective, Spotlight, in its 23rd weekend of release, was in 20th place with over $420,000 in business, and it did that on fewer than half the screens that The Bronze had access to. It sits as the 12th worst opening ever for a movie that opened on at least 600 screens. Although the fact that the studios refused to give the movie any support certainly did not help.

Having said all that, we have to hand it to The Bronze for taking the terrible opening on the chin and moving forward. This video implies that part of the reason for the movie’s poor reviews and (shudder!) soft opening, is because the character of Hope Ann Gregory has too much of an edge and doesn’t smile enough. There is absolutely a double standard here that Melissa Rauch is not being the least bit subtle addressing, and that we completely support. There are perfectly valid reasons for movies to fail, not feeling a female character is likeable, for doing nothing that most male characters aren’t also guilty of, isn’t really a good reason. While we can't say that was the reason people have stayed away from The Bronze, it's certainly a possibility.

Are you one of the few that’s seen The Bronze? If so, what did you think? If not, are you any more interested in checking it out now? 

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