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Although all eyes seem fixated on this weekend’s release of The Jungle Book, that movie is not the only update to a classic Disney property we will get this year. Pete’s Dragon captured the imagination of the entire world when it hit theaters all the way back in 1977. A modern update will hit theaters later this summer, and while we have only just received our first look at the titular dragon from Pete's Dragon, we have some serious questions about his appearance. Check out the image below to see what I mean for yourself.

Where to even begin with this one? The above tweet showcases our first good look at the titular dragon (presumably still named Elliott) from the upcoming Pete’s Dragon update, and it’s a stark departure from what we have come to expect from a property like this. Right off the bat, the most instantly noticeable difference from the iconic classic is the fact that the dragon's body has fur all over it. In all honesty it doesn’t even look like a dragon, but rather a giant griffin. Obviously there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mythological creatures, but it’s admittedly jarring to see such a drastic change from what we have come to now and love from Pete’s Dragon. Why does this new dragon have fur?

Additionally, while the overall color tone of the dragon remains mostly green, the inclusion of fur has led to some palette changes, which has expanded somewhat to include shades of white and blue here and there. The increased details gives the creature a considerably more lifelike appearance, and showcases just how good computer generated imagery has become over the last few years. But really, what is with those colors?

Just look at the image below and you’ll quickly realize that the coming movie is taking some serious creative liberties:

Of course, there are other, more fundamental questions we have aside from the overall look of the dragon. One of the biggest queries we have about this new version of the monsters is the question of what he will sound like. Considering the addition of fur and an overall more cuddly appearance, we feel like its safe to say that he will have a warm, welcoming sound to him and remains just as adorable a he's always been.

Check out the first official trailer to Pete’s Dragon below, and prepared to get excited for the upcoming, nostalgia fueled Disney adventure:
We will just have to wait until later this summer for all of our questions about Pete’s Dragon to receive suitable answers. The highly anticipated update to the 1977 Disney classic will hit theaters on August 12.
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