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The tragic and untimely passing of Prince has sent shockwaves through the entertainment community. His influence seemed to touch upon people from all walks of life, and as such, a diverse pool of individuals have come forward to talk about his or her own experiences with the legendary performer. Within the realm of film, the singer contributed greatly with a variety of songs that would go on to characterize cinema for decades. However, not all of his songs ended up making it into films he worked on. Director Baz Luhrmann recently spoke out about working with Prince on a song for the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, which ultimately did not make the final cut of the movie.

According to a new report from THR, Baz Luhrmann revealed during a Tribeca Q&A session that he and Prince had collaborated extensively in an effort to have the pop star contribute to the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby. He explained:
In one of the great sadnesses that I've been reminded of with the passing of Prince is that on Gatsby … I was working with Prince on a song for Gatsby and it was a reimagined version of a song he did with Martika called 'Love … Thy Will Be Done' and it was going to be a major piece in [the film.] And we did work on it. He was in Australia touring and we did some work there. We did further work on it. In fact, we worked on it a lot. And there just came a moment when — it's a co-owned piece and he couldn't quite get it released. And at that stage I had to make another decision, so I went and worked with Lana Del Rey to do the piece we did.

An update of the song "Love… Thy Will Be Done," the track brought the filmmaker and the singer together numerous times, but ultimately they could not get the song for the film because it was a co-owned track. As a result of these unfortunate circumstances, Prince’s place on the soundtrack was dropped in favor of Lana Del Ray’s wildly popular "Young And Beautiful."

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is an incredibly colorful movie with an equally flamboyant soundtrack. Considering the wonderful work done by more contemporary performers such as Lana Del Ray, The XX, and Sia, it seems very likely that Prince’s take on "Love… Thy Will Be Done" would’ve meshed perfectly with the tone and style of the film. Luhrmann and Prince had previously worked together on the director's version of Romeo + Juliet, so it seems abundantly clear that they maintained a long, respectful relationship with one another throughout the years.

For those of you somewhat less familiar with Prince’s discography, you can check out the original version of "Love… Thy Will Be Done" below in order to get a better sense of what type of song Baz Luhrmann and Prince had worked on for the film:

It’s unfortunate that Prince never got a chance to be featured on The Great Gatsby’s soundtrack. He did such amazing work on numerous films over the years; we have little doubt that his contribution could have elevated the film’s already stellar soundtrack. The entertainment industry continues to eulogize Prince and praise his legacy, so we will bring you any and all updates as they become available to us.

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