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It's springtime in New York, which for so many people means picnics, short sleeves, drinking outdoors and riding your bike for a few weeks until it gets too hot and starts smelling like garbage outside. But for the chosen few, the pale, chubby, often-bearded few, springtime in New York is when you hunker down in a screening room, pay good money to see a movie that will never be released in theaters, and argue over things like the symbolism of that butterfly in the graveyard scene.

It's the Tribeca Film Festival! And while there are glamorous parts of it for sure, namely lots and lots of parties, here at Cinema Blend we'll be focusing on the grittier, nerdier stuff: the movies. Sure, we've got interviews with a whole list of stars, and red carpet photos to boot, but if you're here, you probably want the first word on movies like Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, Cheryl Hines' directorial debut Serious Moonlight, or Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna's post-Y Tu Mama Tambien reunion, Rudo y Cursi.

Over the next few weeks we'll have all of that and lots, lots more. For schedules, lists of screenings and locations and everything else you'll need to attend, visit the official website. For everything else, or at least for some highly opinionated reporting, keep checking back in our festival section for all the Tribeca coverage you can handle. OK, technically it's all the coverage I can handle, since it's just me covering it. But I promise you'll be satisfied anyway.

(Skyline photo above via Flickr).

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