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Thanks to his brilliant and instantly iconic turn as Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds Christoph Waltz is now the default first choice as a villain for any Hollywood movie looking for legitimacy. In particular he seems to be in demand with comic book movies. He’s the bad guy in Green Hornet and now maybe he’ll be the bad guy in Sony’s Spider-Man reboot too.

The Playlist says Sony is interested in Waltz, possibly to play The Lizard, in their Andrew Garfield-led Spidey redo. Waltz would be brilliant as scientist turned scaly bad guy Doc Connors, but of course, the operative word there is “interested”. Being interested doesn’t mean they’re going to offer him the part or, if indeed it were offered, Waltz would accept. He’s got to be getting at least a little bit worried about getting typecast, though I suppose if he gets sick of getting rich playing bad guys he can always go back to Germany. This assumes there’s any money to be had by starring in Spider-Man, all indications are that Sony’s doing this on the cheap (Andrew Garfield got almost nothing to play Peter Parker, and he’s the movie’s lead)… the same way Marvel has started doing things.

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