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Parks & Recreation Renewed, Whitney And 1600 Penn Canceled At NBC

First the good news, for fans of waffles, Ron Swanson's mustache, public service and Paunch Burger. NBC renewed Parks & Recreation! Please head down to the Snakehole Lounge and celebrate accordingly. Now the bad news-- NBC has pulled the plug on several other series

1600 Penn, Community, Revolution And Other Season Finale Dates Set At NBC

NBC hasn't quite finished rolling out their winter/spring slate, with Revolution and The Voice poised to return next week, and Hannibal set to arrive early next month. But the network is already prepping their season closers for the spring, and for some shows, the end is very near. That includes Whitney and 1600 Penn, both of which wrap up next week.

1600 Penn Airs Tonight, Watch The Full Pilot Episode For NBC's New Comedy Here

1600 Penn makes its time-slot premiere tonight. The pilot episode aired last month, and this evening, the second episode of the series' first season will air as part of NBC's Thursday night comedy block. For those of you who haven't seen 1600 Penn's pilot episode ("Putting Out Fires"), we have it here for you to watch. For those who have, check out the promo NBC released to reminds us that The Office and 1600 Penn are airing new episodes tonight.

1600 Penn Will Feature Media Reporter Cameos But Not Politicians

Despite an early premiere, NBC’s brand new First Family-based comedy, 1600 Penn, has not yet officially hit the airwaves, which means fans don’t know exactly what sort of tone and overall outlook the show will take on during the tenure of its first season. However, 1600 Penn executive producers Jason Winer and Jon Lovett say the show will not be plugging into today’s political news and issues, which means there will not be politicians for guest stars.

Five New TV Shows We Can't Wait To Start Watching

Between the series set to resume or return with new episodes in the new year and the new comedies and dramas making their debut, there's a lot to keep track of this month. Fortunately, we've been paying close attention to what's on deck to premiere this year, and there are a few shows that are high on our list of anticipated series. Of the new comedies and dramas set to premiere in the next couple of months, these are the shows we're most excited about and hopeful for, ordered by premiere date.

1600 Penn's First Episode: Watch It Here

I wasn’t sure what I expected out of NBC’s new comedy, 1600 Penn, but I sat through half of last night’s episode of The Voice just to watch it, so at least that’s something. What I found was a comedy that is subtly smart, even within its most outrageous characters, and extremely charming, to boot. There may be too many kids in the package, but in NBC’s first episode of the series, the multitudes of White House children bothered me less than I expected. Now, if you’re willing to give the series a shot, NBC has the whole thing available online for potential fans.

1600 Penn Review: NBC's First Family Comedy Puts Family First

NBC is giving viewers an early look at their midseason comedy 1600 Penn, a White House-set series focused on the fictional First Family. We've seen shows set in the White House and we've seen plenty of TV comedies that focus on families. 1600 Penn merges these two things, placing an emphasis on the family aspect of the series ahead of the politics, and using the White House setting to approach your standard family sitcom from a slightly more presidential point of view.

1600 Penn Trailer Finds Humor In First Family Drama

Those who tuned in for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning on NBC may have caught the advertisements for the new comedy 1600 Penn. There's a new trailer for the upcoming series, which is set in the White House and follows the humorous shenanigans of the dysfunctional First Family.

The Voice Season 3 Finale Date Set, NBC Plans 1600 Penn Sneak Preview

The competition is heating up in the third season of NBC's successful singing competition The Voice, but all good things must come to an end eventually. And for The Voice, that ending is coming this December. Rest assured, the series will be back next year for Season 4. But the third season will wrap up next month, and NBC will also be showing viewers one of the new series they have set to debut next year.

Smash, Celebrity Apprentice All Stars, 1600 Penn And Other NBC Premiere Dates Set

Earlier, we shared the good news that NBC had finally set the new return date for Community. Sure, we have to wait until February, which seems like a long time to wait, considering it was supposed premiere this month, but on the bright side, the show has landed a Thursday night time slot. Community isn't the only series with a return date. NBC set the season premieres for Smash, Celebrity Apprentice and the fourth season of The Voice.

Robbie Amell Joins 1600 Penn In Recurring Role

With the big TV premiere week already over and audiences settling into a fall TV schedule, the networks can look ahead to some midseason casting. At least, this seems to be the case for 1600 Penn, which has hired Robbie Amell in a recurring role. The actor is set to play a “handsome” but “dim” young man in the upcoming comedy series set for NBC.

1600 Penn Preview: A Look At NBC's White House Comedy Starring Josh Gad

Among the comedies headed to NBC next season is 1600 Penn, a series that stars Josh Gad, Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman, and follows the antics of the family living in the White House. The clips NBC released focus heavily on the bumbling shenanigans of Gad's character.

NBC Greenlights 1600 Penn And Animal Practice To Series

There's more good news for NBC pilots, one of which brings another Book of Mormon star to the small screen. Hot on the heels of the news that NBC had given early pickups to Save Me, The New Normal and Revolution, in addition to the Matthew Perry starring comedy Go On, comes word that the network has also greenlighted 1600 Penn and Animal Practice (formerly Animal Kingdom) to series.

Jenna Elfman Joins NBC Comedy Pilot 1600 Penn

The NBC comedy pilot 1600 Penn now has its First Lady. Set to join Bill Pullman in the Josh Gad and Jon Lovett written comedy pilot is Jenna Elfman, who has been cast to play another member of the dysfunctional White House family.

Bill Pullman To Play The President In NBC Comedy Pilot 1600 Penn

The last time some of us saw Bill Pullman on TV, he was creeping us out as the child-killing Oswald Danes in Starz’ Torchwood: Miracle Day. But before that, he was associated with a number of memorable roles, including Lone Starr, the hero in Mel Brooks’ Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, or Walter, Meg Ryan’s nice-guy fiance in Sleepless in Seattle.

Brittany Snow Will Play Josh Gad's Sibling In NBC Pilot 1600 Penn

John Tucker Must Die’s Brittany Snow will join 1600 Penn as part of the family the show will center on. Snow will play the sister to Skip (Gad), an intelligent and enterprising member of the presidential family who strives for success. As Becca, Snow will be a very fine foil to Skip, who is affable, but far less worried about achievement.

Josh Gad To Star In NBC's White House Comedy Pilot 1600 Penn

After the pilot was ordered due in part to the addition of Gad to the lineup, NBC made a second announcement. As it turns out, Gad will actually star in the NBC pilot, as the eldest son in the family. While it is often the case that the oldest child is the most responsible, the idea will not prove true for Gad’s character, who will be reckless and will cause problems for the family. NBC has already proved a White House-based drama can work, with The West Wing...

Book Of Mormon Star And Obama Speechwriter Sell White House Comedy To NBC

It seems like American politics are more contentious than ever these days. The days of reasoned discourse are as extinct as the dodo, but if you're not going to be depressed by every headline, it seems like the only remedy is simply to be able to laugh at it all. Three people who would probably agree with that theory are actor Josh Gad (Book of Mormon), director Jason Winer (Modern Family), and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett.

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