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Science Explains Why The Hobbit Looks Weird In 48 Frames Per Second

Movieline interviewed filmmaker James Kerwin, who also lectures on the science of film perception and consciousness. He explained that humans actually view reality at what would be a 66 frames-per-second calculation, so the human brain likely will adjust to the 48-frame presentation in time.

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Should You See The Hobbit In 48 fps?

Watching An Unexpected Journey in 48 fps, you realize the new format is really, really different from 3D. 48 fps, which is short for "48 frames per second," is quite literally a way of shooting that crams twice as many frames of the movie into a single second. Fps, or frame rate, varies across different filmed media

Find Out Where You Can See The Hobbit In Groundbreaking 48 fps

Whether or not The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will look good in the "revolutionary" 48 frames per second format, I think most all of us are curious about how it will turn out. After all, director Peter Jackson is passionate about it, and who are we to about him after all he's given us? And while Jackson has been working hard to help movie theaters be equipped to show The Hobbit in that higher frame rate

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