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Spirit Untamed Voice Cast: Where You've Seen And Heard The Actors Before
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Funniest Cast Members, Ranked

When it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, characters are innocent until proven guilty of being hilarious, which is all of them.

What Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Actually Doing With Captain Holt And Gina

Season finales almost always include some element of surprise, usually in the form of a cliffhanger, to keep audiences talking during the long hiatus between seasons. Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched the Season 2 finale "Johnny and Dora."

The Clever Way Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets The Most Out Of Its Comedians

It’s quite possible that you’ll be watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season, seeing jokes and hearing lines that will make you think, “How on Earth did somebody write those?” As it happens, it’s entirely possible nobody wrote them.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trailer Shows Andy Samberg With A Badge

Among the new comedies headed to Fox this fall is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a single-camera comedy from Dan Goor and Michael Schur, which stars Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg and takes place in a Brooklyn police precinct. The trailer above gives us a good idea of what this series is all about, centering on Samberg's goof-off character, Jake Peralta, a cop used to bending the rules and having some fun. But that changes when Andre Braugher's Ray Holt arrives and puts his foot down.

Andre Braugher To Be The Boss Of Andy Samberg In Fox Comedy Pilot

It's disappointing that things didn't work out for Shawn Ryan's Last Resort. The ABC submarine drama was cancelled last fall and has since finished up its 13-episode run, leaving its cast free to pursue other projects. For Andre Braugher, it looks like the future may include a return to comedy. The Men of a Certain Age star has signed on for a Fox comedy pilot, which will also put him back in a uniform.

Andre Braugher To Star In Shawn Ryan's ABC Pilot Last Resort

With Men of a Certain Age done, that leaves its cast free to move forward on other projects. For Andre Braugher, who played Owen on the TNT comedy series, that may include a starring role in a drama, assuming things go well for Shawn Ryan’s pilot Last Resort.

Men Of A Certain Age Early Review

In anticipation of the premiere of their new marquee dramedy Men of a Certain Age, tonight at 10 PM ET, TNT sent out some early looks at the series. However, rather than send the pilot, they sent along a couple of episodes from the middle of this first season. It turned out to be a nice blend, though, as one was a rather somber affair while the other one was fun and engaging.

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