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FlixWorthy Celebrates Ash Wednesday With The Best Of Streaming Bruce Campbell

Your weekly guide to Netflix streaming is back with Bruce Campbell, Bruce Campbell, and more Bruce Campbell

Virgin Territory: Katey Celebrates Ash Wednesday The Bruce Campbell Way

Because we're celebrating Ash Wednesday all over the site today, I decided to watch The Evil Dead, the low-budget 1981 horror film that put director Sam Raimi on the map and introduced Bruce Campbell as the schlocky, blood-spattered hero for generation

Celebrate Ash Wednesday The Bruce Campbell Way: With 8 Great Actor / Director Partnerships

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have made nine movies together. Both have proven they’re more than capable of working on their own, but something feels right when they’re together, even if it’s just for a split second. They belong side by side because each has a knack the other could never get anywhere else.

Celebrate Ash Wednesday The Bruce Campbell Way: Bruce's 10 Best Evil Dead Moments

I love Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy. I have seen all three films a thousand times each and I will probably watch them thousands of times more. They’re funny, they’re scary, they’re sick and they’re awesome, but most importantly they’re filled with cinematic moments that I nor any other fan will ever forget.

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