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How Adam Sandler And Ben Stiller Ended Up In A Movie Together

Strangely enough, the story of how those two comic heavyweights shared their first major film together almost sounds like something that'd come out of one of Baumbach's films.

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Ben Stiller’s Chippendales Movie Is Being Called Magic Mike Meets Scarface

New details have emerged about Ben Stiller's upcoming Chippendales movie, and the whole project sounds like an insane combination of Magic Mike and Scarface.

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Ben Stiller And Vince Vaughn Staged A Dodgeball Reunion, Check It Out

It's been over a decade since Ben Stiller went up against Vince Vaughn in the movies' most epic game of dodgeball ever seen. Now they're going to do it again.

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Adam Sandler Has A Movie At Cannes That’s Getting Oscar Buzz

Every once in a while, a respected director gets his hands around Adam Sandler and figures out how to properly use the comedian's unique abilities.

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Ben Stiller And The Workaholics Creators Are Teaming For A Severed Penis Comedy On Netflix

Workaholics may be ending this year, but the creators are teaming with Ben Stiller for a Netflix comedy that involves a severed penis. Yay for 2017!

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Ben Stiller Reveals He Had Prostate Cancer

Ben Stiller opened up about his battle with prostate cancer two years back for the first time ever in order to defend the controversial detection test that he credits with saving his life.

Meet The Parents Looks Like A Shockingly Good Thriller In This Trailer Remix

The only thing that's scarier than the fact that Meet The Parents is almost 20 years old is the fact that it looks like a hell of a relationship thriller with the right re-framing. Get a look at a very creepy Ben Stiller versus an even sterner Robert DeNiro, inside.

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Adam Sandler And Ben Stiller Are Making A Comedy, Here's What We Know

Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller are teaming up for a comedy, though not the type of comedy that you might expect. Read on to see what the two comedians are cooking up.

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Zoolander 2 Is So Bad, A Famous Film Critic Bailed Mid-Screening

One legendary film critic deemed Zoolander 2 completely unworthy of his time – about halfway through watching it.

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Why Ben Stiller Figured Zoolander 2 Would Never Get Made

Thanks to the power of nostalgia, properties that were popular once are finding ways to make a comeback. The Jurassic Park series has evolved to Jurassic World, and we’re getting ready to meet four new Ghostbusters, just to give you two examples. However, not every old property expects to come back, especially if it isn’t a white-hot hit the first time around.

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The NSFW Thing Zoolander 2 Tried To Get Laura Bush To Do

One of the most fun things about the first Zoolander film was all of the great cameo scenes that were included. Everybody from David Bowie to Donald Trump had a moment last time around. It turns out the former first lady had a cameo in the sequel, almost.

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Ben Stiller's Latest Zoolander 2 Stunt Is The Absolute Funniest One Yet

While it’s been a decade and a half since we last saw professional male model Derek Zoolander, apparently rumors of his retirement have been greatly exaggerated. He and Hansel are back for the craziest Zoolander 2 promotional stunt yet.

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Zoolander 2: 6 Characters We Can't Wait To See Again

After more than a decade of waiting, we’re finally going to be treated to the return of the prettiest people in the world in Zoolander 2. Here are the characters that we're looking forward to catching up with after such a long time.

Zoolander 2 Just Dropped An Elaborate Poop Joke, Watch It

To hype the long-awaited Zoolander 2 we have a new faux commercial that highlights the sophisticated level of comedy you can expect. Nah, just kidding, it’s a poop joke, but a really elaborate one.

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Zoolander 2 International Trailer Squeezes A Lot Of Jokes Out Of Penelope Cruz's Breasts

Zoolander 2 is shaping up rather nicely. And the latest International trailer for the comedy features more genuinely funny gags as well as jokes about Penelope Cruz's breasts.

Zoolander Was Supposed To Die In This Hilarious Alternate Ending

Comedies are meant to make people laugh. Death is rarely funny. These two rules of movie making mean that very rarely do you see lead characters get killed at the end of comedies. That doesn’t mean that some people don’t try.

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Zoolander 2 Has Already Broken A Record

After almost 15 years, Zoolander 2 is almost here, and although the movie doesn't hit theaters until next February, it has already broken at least one major record.

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Zoolander 2 Trailer Is Hysterical, Sexy And Loaded With Celebrities

The world can be a terrifying place. The forces of evil seem to be lurking around every dark corner. At times, we don’t know where to turn. What we need in our lives is a little more Blue Steel. A little more Le Tigre.

The Zoolander 2 Trailer Teaser Is As Ridiculous As You Hoped

As the latest look for Zoolander 2 looks to make itself known to the prying eyes of the world tomorrow, Derek and Hansel have graced us all with a short tease into their latest adventure. And trust us when we tell you, these two are so hot right now. But don't take our word for it, see it for yourself inside.

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10 Great Movies Coming To Amazon Prime In October

Are you looking for an excuse to sign up for Amazon's $67 Prime deal? We've got 10 that might sit well with you, as these flicks are coming to the platform over the next month.

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