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5 Great Billy Crystal Oscar Moments From The Past

The big news of yesterday was Billy Crystal being named as the host of the 84th Academy Awards. The announcement was met with a lot of debate, some arguing that the choice is too safe and that the Academy should have tried to do something new, while others made the point that Crystal has a wealth of experience as host and has done a previously done a great job. While I still wish that the Muppets had gotten the job instead, I will admit that the Team Crystal has a point.

Billy Crystal Confirmed To Host The Oscars

Following the news that Eddie Murphy was no longer going to host The Oscars after Brett Ratner’s departure as producer, it’s looking like Billy Crystal will step up to take on the role for the ninth time.

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Marisa Tomei Joins Crystal And Midler In Us & Them

Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are already two reasons to look forward the upcoming comedy Us & Them, which is being directed by Andy Fickman. The two are set to play a couple tasked to watch their grandchildren and in the process, they attempt to understand their modern ways. Adding to the film’s already excellent cast appeal is Marisa Tomei.

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Bette Midler To Star Opposite Billy Crystal In Us & Them

I’m not sure that I can honestly say I’ve pictured a movie scenario involving Bette Midler and Billy Crystal playing a married couple, but I have to admit, there’s definite potential for funniness in the union. The fact that they’re playing married grandparents just makes me feel old.

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Pixar Planning New Movies About Dinosaurs And The Mind

During Pixar’s Saturday panel at D23 Expo 2011, the animation studio revealed details on two planned features. The first announced feature, currently operating under the tongue-in-cheek title of The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs, will be directed by Bob Peterson. The second feature, still in its earliest stage, was referenced as The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside The Mind.

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Billy Crystal 'Itchy' To Host The Academy Awards Again, Are You Listening Brett Ratner?

I wasn't alive to watch Bob Hope host the Oscars so I can't make the assumption that Billy Crystal is the greatest to ever MC the awards show... but Billy Crystal IS the greatest host in the history of the Academy Awards. Whatever, I don't need to have seen the 75 years of shows before I was born, I've seen every one since and no one can hold a candle to Crystal. And rumor has it, he's willing to come back.

Video: Billy Crystal Proves He's Still Got It In When Harry Met Sally 2

Crammed with cameos from Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle and many more, featuring a drop-dead hilarious performance from Helen Mirren, and somehow reminding us all the same of the actual comedic brilliance of When Harry Met Sally, this is something you've got to watch

George Clooney And Jean-Claude Van Damme May Be In The Muppets

The already star studded cast of The Muppets may be about to get even more glamorous. Kermit and the gang have always been cameo friendly, it’s a big part of the fun in their older movies, and the new one is no exception

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Andy Fickman Will Make Billy Crystal Innocuous In Us & Them

I hold out hope that Us & Them will be a little worthwhile, mostly due to decades of goodwill toward Billy Crystal and way too many viewings of City Slickers, but I instantly recoil

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You're Reading This Right: Monsters Inc. 2 On The Way

Pixar has never been the type of studio to just rush sequels of their hit films in order to make a few extra bucks. Hell, the only sequel they've ever put out was for Toy Story, and that took them four years

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