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3 Ways Johnny Depp Can Save His Career

Following another flop, Johnny Depp's career is in trouble. Thankfully for him, Cinema Blend is here to help.

New DVD Releases: January 2016 In Home Entertainment

While a huge chunk of the big budget movies are released around the holidays, January is a time when a lot of films are gaining awards notice, which means there are plenty of movies heading to Blu-ray before the Oscars air on February 28.

10 Huge 2016 Golden Globe Nomination Snubs

Some of these are understandable. But they ALL are snubs from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and I think it’s safe to say that the people listed below are more than a little disappointed. They’re probably flat-out pissed.

Awards Blend: What The Hollywood Film Awards Can Tell Us About The Oscar Race

Sunday night’s Hollywood Film Awards – which took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel – can’t really tell us anything about the Oscar race (and I’ll explain why in a second). But some who are building a campaign during these early stages can create a silver lining from this unusual awards show, and I’ll try and fill in why that’s the case.

Why Johnny Depp Really Doesn't Want To Win An Oscar

As it turns out, there’s some else besides Joaquin Phoenix who doesn’t want to win an Oscar. Johnny Depp recently spoke at the film’s London Film Festival premiere on Sunday, and he made his true feelings known about the statuette.

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Awards Blend: Where Are this Year's Best Actor Contenders?

What a difference a year makes. Last season, at this early stage of the game, we had so many potential Best Actor candidates, we easily could have fielded two categories of worthy nominees. What it mean, at the end of the First Phase, was that several talented performances were left on the outside looking in, left without a nomination.

10 Greatest Movie Mobsters Of All Time, Ranked

Every so often a quality mob movie graces the screen and sheds a performance of a lifetime. It’s no easy task for the actors that take on such roles. With crime and mafia movies dating back to the beginnings of film, there are a number of big, and violent shoes to fill. But there are certainly plenty who try.

Awards Blend: Our First Look At The Oscar Frontrunners In Each Major Category

Welcome, all, to the return of Awards Blend, CinemaBlend’s weekly conversation surrounding all things Oscar. The season officially is underway, launching each year as the triumphant trio of September film festivals – Venice, Telluride and Toronto – kick-start a bevy of campaigns that will position films, performers and behind-the-scenes talents for potential Oscar glory.

Black Mass Has Made Major Money In Boston

There is a great deal of pride in the city of Boston. More than just being overly passionate about local sports teams, people who grew up or live in the Massachusetts capital recognize that there is a tremendous history behind the City On A Hill, and regularly take opportunity to celebrate it.

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Weekend Box Office: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Makes A Lukewarm Debut

When people think Johnny Depp, most probably jump straight to Pirates of the Caribbean which would then lead them, if asked, to say 'yes, I think he's huge box office star'. Funny thing about that...

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Johnny Depp's Black Mass Performance Was All Wrong, According To Whitey Bulger's Lawyer

Almost across the board, Johnny Depp is earning rave reviews for his performance in the gangster saga Black Mass. There is one person who is not a fan, however, and he's certainly in a position to know.

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The Best Boston Movies Of All Time, Ranked

With Black Mass arriving in theaters this weekend, and telling the story of Boston’s most notorious criminal, we decided to look back at the history of movies set in the great Massachusetts city and do a straight-up ranking. Which film is number one? Read on to find out!

This Rotten Week: Predicting Black Mass, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials And Captive Reviews

It’s been a busy weekend, as I find myself split my concentration between NFL opening Sunday and this week’s slate of movies. But that’s a full plate I’m happy to dive into. This week we’ve got Black Mass, Captive and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Why Black Mass Would Feel Right At Home With Scorsese's Best Gangster Films

It’s no small compliment when I tell you guys that I believe Scott Cooper’s Black Mass can run with Scorsese’s mob trilogy of Goodfellas, Casino and, especially, the South Boston-flavored The Departed. It's that dirty, nasty and compelling.

18 Likely Oscar Contenders And When You Can See Them

With the fall film festival season now in full swing, a number of films with Oscar buzz are making their public debuts, and we've broken down when we'll get the chance to see them and judge for ourselves.

10 Oscar Campaigns That Will Take Off During The Toronto Film Festival

Technically, the Oscar “season” is supposed to last all year long, with movie released at any time during the year considered in contention for the industry’s top prize. Realistically, though, the awards season kicks into full gear when the annual trio of international film festivals held in Venice, Telluride and Toronto come around.

10 Really Exciting Movies That Are Coming Out In The Next 30 Days

Cheer up, folks! Just because summer's gone, doesn't mean the good movies have gone with it. Take a look at 10 prime candidates that should hold you over until the award blitz this fall.

At Least Johnny Depp Has A Great Sense Of Humor About Australia Trying To Kill His Dogs

A few months back, Johnny Depp’s two Yorkshire Terriers, Boo and Pistol were lighting up headlines for their illegal entry into Australia. Now, Johnny Depp has spoken out about the matter, and at least the actor has put a good sense of humor into the mix.

The Blunt Reason Sienna Miller Was Cut Out Of Johnny Depp's Black Mass

Sienna Miller is no longer apart of criminal biopic Black Mass, as it was revealed that her character has been cut out. Now director Scott Cooper explains why her scenes were excised.

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Johnny Depp Brings Terror To The Neighborhood In Full Black Mass Trailer

It’s certainly been awhile since we’ve gotten a worthy Johnny Depp performance. And with his last film Mortdecai embarrassingly tanking, it’s about damn time the critically acclaimed actor step up his game. And what better way to do so then by playing a terrifyingly badass Boston gangster.

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