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Oscar Analysis 2014: Breaking Down The Best Supporting Actress Race

Hailing from such buzzed about films a Blue Jasmine, American Hustle, Nebraska, August: Osage County and 12 Years a Slave, each of these actresses has earned plenty of ink over the last few months. But only one will win on Oscar night. Whose in it to win it and who will have to say, "Just getting the nomination is such an honor?" Allow me to break it down.

Oscar Analysis 2014: Breaking Down The Best Original Screenplay Race

Every year, the Academy Awards and its voters honor screenwriters old and new by handing out the statue for the Best Original Screenplay, often while employing a lackluster script of its own. While it remains to be seen what kind of material host Ellen DeGeneres will be given, you can bet than the stage direction “This is the part where you dance” will show up more than a few times. Probably in between jokes about Christian Bale’s gut, or his beard, or his hair.

This Week In Home Entertainment: Blue Jasmine, Machete Kills And More

If you were to have (or do have) a stack of Woody Allen films in your home and you were about to watch one with a group of friends, Blue Jasmine would not be at the top of the pile. In fact, it probably would be at or very near the body of the pile. Not because it lacks humor. Not because it lacks a decent cast or a well-written script. Blue Jasmine is a fine movie, with all of the necessary elements to earn it a few Oscar nods. It’s also an uncomfortable one.

2014 SAG Awards Movie Winners, Read The Full List Here

The Screen Actors Guild held their annual award ceremony this evening, and long story short, the voting members really didn’t favor one specific film. In fact, the only movie that took home multiple awards was Dallas Buyers Club. Both lead and supporting actors Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were honored by their peers, though that love didn’t carry over to the overall film honors, which went to American Hustle.

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American Hustle And Wolf Of Wall Street Snag Writers Guild Nominations

In the narrative categories, few of these nominees can be called surprising as just about all of the above have received critical praise and Oscar buzz. The dark horse contender in the mix is Peter Berg's Lone Survivor, which has had a soft open over Christmas and will expand next week.

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Producers Guild Goes With Gravity, American Hustle And Wolf Of Wall Street

The PGA nominees serve a dual purpose, as Oscar trackers view them “as indicators of which films have momentum heading into the Academy Award nominations, which will be announced Jan. 16.”

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Blue Jasmine And Captain Phillips Returning To Theaters For Oscar Season

Blue Jasmine will reopen this weekend in 300 theaters across the US, while Captain Phillips's rerelease will begin on January 15th, 2014, in 1,000 theaters. Notably that means the Tom Hanks vehicle will touch down the day before the Academy Award nominations are to be announced.

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12 Years A Slave And Nebraska Pull In Big Independent Spirit Award Nominations

Presented by Film Independent, the Spirit Awards typically honor the smaller-budget artistic endeavors that harbor Oscar hopes but (depending on whom you believe) don’t possess the proper awards budget to actively campaign for the golden statue.

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Can You Guess What Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Films Of The Year Are So Far?

The Quentin Tarantino Archives has released a list of the esteemed director’s favorite films of the year so far. Personally, I was surprised by several of his picks, so I thought I’d test the rest of you to see if from the twenty films listed you can figure out which titles are really on his top ten.

Weekend Box Office: The Butler Still Number One; The Mortal Instruments and You're Next Fizzle

Despite several new releases in theaters, this weekend's top sales went to last week's number one, Lee Daniels' The Butler. None of the newcomers could break into the second place spot either, leaving that honor to last weekend's number two We're The Millers.

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Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine Reveals Plot Details And New Stills

Though the film is partly set in the New York, Allen's most familiar setting, the bulk of the narrative will take place in San Francisco, where quasi-socialite Jasmine (Blanchett) is forced to take shelter with her sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) after her marriage with Alec Baldwin’s Wall Street financier implodes.

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Cate Blanchett Is Ready To Unravel In First Trailer For Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine

Both written and directed by Allen, the new film centers on Jasmine (Blanchett), a woman who has become used to the finer things in life thanks to her wealthy husband (Alec Baldwin). But when everything falls apart and Jasmine begins to have a nervous breakdown, she moves out to San Francisco where she can stay with her sister Ginger (Hawkins).

Cate Blanchett Is All Alone In New Poster For Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine

Very little is known about the plot of Blue Jasmineat this time, though it's been said that the film chronicles the mental crisis of a New York housewife. Making up for the lack of plot details, however, is the fact that the film has a noteworthy, incredible ensemble.

Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine Shows Off A Moody Cate Blanchett In First Image

Admittedly, Blanchett looks like she’s had better days in wartime, but the casual way Sally Hawkins is just hanging around in the background means there probably isn’t anything like a fist fight or an alien invasion going on in the foreground.

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Linklater's Before Midnight, Allen's Blue Jasmine, And Almodovar's I'm So Excited Get Release Dates

The good news is that three of the best filmmakers working today, including Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, and Richard Linklater, have all just gotten 2013 release dates for their respective latest films. The bad news is that if you don't live in one of two major hubs on the coast of the United States you may still have to wait a little longer to see the directors' most recent works.

Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine Reveals Its Full Cast And Plot

In 2011, Woody Allen earned a revival in relevance and praise thanks to his nostalgic romance Midnight in Paris, which not only earned Allen a Best Director Oscar nod and a win for Best Original Screenplay, but also made a whopping $150 million worldwide. His follow-up, To Rome With Love, was not too warmly received by critics (okay, they hated it), but it still made an impressive $73 million worldwide.

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Louis C.K., Alec Baldwin, Andrew Dice Clay And More Sign On For Woody Allen's Next

While Woody Allen is famously known as one of the quint-essential New York directors, he hasn't filmed a movie in the United States in nearly a decade. In 2004 he made Melinda and Melinda in NYC, but since then it's been all about Europe, making movies like Vicky Christina Barcelona, Match Point, Midnight and Paris, and the upcoming To Rome With Love in locals like Spain, England, France and Italy.

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Lost's Michael Emerson Joins Woody Allen's Next Film

Michael Emerson has had a pretty seamlessly successful career on television, going from an Emmy win for his guest role on The Practice to his unforgettable role as Ben Linus on Lost to a starring role now on Person of Interest

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Bobby Cannavale On Board For Woody Allen's Next Film

Even if you don't know Bobby Cannavale by name, you've undoubtedly seen him steal a scene. The character actor and Broadway veteran, with a loud voice and a brash attitude, has done stints on TV shows like Nurse Jackie, Will & Grace and Six Feet Under, and popped up in supporting roles

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Sally Hawkins In Talks For Woody Allen's Next

Allen has approached the Happy-Go-Lucky star to take on one of the untitled feature's two female leads. Word has it Cate Blanchett is being considered for the other. Should she sign on, Hawkins will be playing a spirited but neurotic woman described as "rough around the edges," while Blanchett is being eyed for a more sophisticated lady, whose life is more enviable at the outset. Also said to be circling is Bradley Cooper, who seems poised to join the sure-to-be star-studded ensemble.

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