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Upcoming Will Smith Movies And Shows: What's Ahead For The Bad Boys Star

Here are just a few movies and shows set to be infused with Big Willie Style.

Jared Leto Follows Will Smith, Bails Out Of 'Brilliance'

The upcoming adaptation of the sci-fi novel Brilliance seems to be having a hard time maintaining a lead actor. Last week we learned that Dallas Buyers Club Academy Award winner Jared Leto was in talks to replace Will Smith in the Legendary Pictures-produced project, and now new reports have surfaced saying that Leto is out too.

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Jared Leto Could Replace Will Smith In The Sci-Fi Thriller Brilliance

Brilliance will be based on the novel of the same name by Marcus Sakey. Its story is set in a world where 1% of population have incredible powers, like being able to read body language as if it were the written word, or turning invisible. Some movies might call these people "mutants," but in Sakey's stories, they are known as "brilliants."

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Will Smith Drops Out Of Sci-Fi Franchise-Starter Brilliance

Universal intends to march ahead with a new leading man to team with Noomi Rapace, with a fourth quarter 2015 or first quarter 2016 release date planned. The little known Onah is also still in place, though Smith's departure leaves this film at a bit of a standstill. You don't really make something this derivative unless you have a big star, which despite some recent disappointments, Smith still is.

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Will Smith and Noomi Rapace To Front Sci-Fi Thriller Brilliance

Will Smith and Noomi Rapace have officially signed on to co-star in Brilliance, which is being helmed by Nigerian director Julius Onah.
Legendary Pictures is producing the thriller based on the novel from Marcus Sakey's emerging trilogy.

Will Smith In Talks To Chase A Terrorist For Universal's Sci-Fi Thriller Brilliance

The world of Brilliance is one where around 1% of the population are born with exceptional mental and physical abilities, such as mind reading and invisibility. And these people are dubbed Brilliants by the general public.

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David Koepp To Adapt Upcoming Novel Brilliance Into X-Men-Like Movie

Chances are you haven't heard of Marcus Sakey's latest novel Brilliance. That's understandable since it won't be hitting bookshelves until July 16th. Despite that handicap, it's already scored a movie deal with Joe Roth and Palek Patel producing.

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Superpowered Thriller Novel Brilliance Picked Up By Legendary Pictures

With Marvel busy with its multi-phased marketing scheme based around Joss Whedon’s Avengers films, and DC twiddling their super-thumbs while the proposed Justice League franchise sits there and does nothing, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are superheroes that lie beyond the two biggest companies. Still holding on for a Mystery Men sequel, Hollywood

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