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How To Watch Trailer Park Boys And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming

Those who aren't into watching football for the next few weeks might want some new streaming material to replace all things (not really) made out of pigskin, and you’d be in luck, as Netflix became a one-stop shop for cult comedy, ice cold James Spader and David Duchovny getting some poon.

Watch Californication's Season 7 Premiere Here, See Heather Graham In Episode 2 Preview

Hank Moody has returned! Showtime premiered the seventh season of Californacation last night, and the premium cable network was gracious enough to drop the full first episode onto their YouTube channel for your entertainment. While it's been edited a bit for content, the subject matter is still brimming with not-safe-for-work drama so, you know, viewer discretion is advised.

Californication Season 7 Premiere Date Set, Also Nurse Jackie And Penny Dreadful

Just the other day, when we were sharing the newly released trailer for the seventh and final season of Californication, we were pondering whether or not Showtime still planned on getting the comedy back on the air in April as expected.

Californication Season 7 Trailer Teases Drama And Depravity

Hot on the heels of the premieres of some of their other comedies, Showtime has released a trailer for Californication’s seventh and final season, to remind fans that Hank Moody’s return isn’t so far away. Let the drama and depravity ensue!

Californication Will End After Season 7

On Monday, Showtime announced that doors will be closing for the network’s long-running program, Californication. The cancellation is not effective immediately. Way back in January, Showtime announced the series would be returning for a seventh season, earning a renewal order alongside House of Lies and Shameless. Now, it turns out Season 7 will actually prove to be the drama’s final 12 episodes.

'Episodes' Preview Teases Pucks Problems And A New Boss For Carol

When a show goes more than a year between seasons, we begin to wonder if that series is still on or if it was cancelled. This seems especially true for cable television, which is where it tends to happen more often than with network TV. Such is the case for Episodes, which believe it or not, isn’t cancelled. The Showtime comedy hasn’t really settled on what time of year it wants to air.

Rob Lowe Will Reprise Role In Californication Season 7

Californication is pretty busy gearing up for a seventh season on Showtime. The new season won’t air until 2014, but shooting is already underway and on Tuesday the network announced that a very special guest star will be returning to the series during its next round at bat. Rob Lowe has signed on to reprise his role as Eddie Nero.

Heather Graham And 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub Join Californication's Season 7

The upcoming seventh season of Californication has booked a couple of new actors. On board for a season-long arc on Showtime’s series is Heather Graham and on board for a shorter stint is 24 alum Mary Lynn Rajskub. Just what Hank Moody (David Duchovny) needs – more women in his life.

The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli To Play A Key Role In Californication Season 7

Since the one-season drama Detroit 187 was cancelled at ABC, Michael Imperioli has bounced between TV appearances and big screen roles, with Spike Lee's Oldboy among his upcoming credits. And coming next year, it looks like we'll be seeing the Sopranos star ("Christa-fa!") in Californication for a multi-episode arc.

Shameless, House of Lies And Californication All Renewed For New Seasons In 2014

Showtime's dramedy trio Shameless, House of Lies and Californication had cause to celebrate earlier this month when all three series returned with new seasons to higher numbers. I'm sure Showtime's free preview weekend didn't hurt in that regard, but there's even more cause to celebrate as Showtime has decided to renew all three shows. And that includes Californication, which means Hank Moody will follow in the footsteps of Dexter Morgan as a Showtime character that's surpassing six seasons of existence.

Californication Season 6 Premiere: Watch The Full Episode Here

Among Showtime's premieres last night was the return of Californication, which put David Duchovny's Hank Moody back in action for yet another season. For those who didn't take advantage of Showtime's free preview weekend last night, the pay cable channel has made the full Season 6 premiere of Californication available online.

Californication Season 6 Premiere Clips Give Us A Look At The Unforgiven

Californication returns for its sixth season on Sunday night and Showtime must be happy to have their resident Hemingway back to get up to even more drunken, drug fuelled debauchery for our entertainment. This time around, David Duchovny's Hank Moody is not only on the road to recovery after a late Season 5 scare but might also get wrapped up in writing a Broadway musical, or rock-opera, based on his book "God Hates Us All." Here a two clips from this weekend's premiere.

Showtime Schedules Free Preview Weekend In Time For Californication Premiere

Hot off a couple of explosive episodes of two of their original dramas and in anticipation of the premieres of some of their comedies, Showtime is giving non-subscribers a glance at the goods next month with a free preview weekend. The premium cable channel has timed it to coincide with the premieres of Shameless, House of Lies and Californication.

Meet Californication's Season 6 Guest Stars Including Maggie Grace

Hank Moody survived another turbulent year and is soon returning for a sixth season of Californication. Obviously, that means the Showtimes series star, David Duchovny, will also be coming back to the small screen, as well as the majority of his recurring cohorts. Two things, however, that help make the sex, drugs and alcohol laced drama even more fun are the quality and quantity of the guest stars.

Californication Season 6 Teaser Showcases New Characters And Old

When Showtime announced that Californication would be getting a sixth season, it kind of answered the big the question left floating at the end of the fifth. Yep, Hank Moody (obviously) survived another dangerous encounter with sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, this time in the form of a particularly psychotic ex-girlfriend, and lived to write another day. Here's a behind the scenes look at his upcoming adventures.

Californication And House Of Lies Earn DVD Release Dates

Two Showtime series are in the works for a December DVD release. Californication, which wrapped up its fifth season last spring, and House of Lies, which ended Season 1 back in April. Both shows are gearing up for new seasons on the subscription cable network, and if you are a little behind, there’s no need to worry. Californication - The Fifth Season and House of Lies – The First Season are coming to DVD on December 18.

Californication Season 6 Teaser Introduces A Terrible Idea

We're still a couple of months away from the return of Californication, but Showtime has already set the premiere date for Season 6, and now we have a teaser to show you, which features Hank being presented with a "terrible idea." He doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic about it as other people do. It seems his novel is about to get butchered again. Or the butchered adaptation of his novel is about to get re-butchered, anyway.

Californication Season 6, Shameless Season 3 And House Of Lies Season 2 Premiere Dates Set

Showtime has Dexter and Homeland on deck to return later this month, but those hoping to know when they'll catch a sight of Hank Moody, Marty Kaan or the Gallaghers are in luck! The good news is, the dates have been set for the return of Californication, House of Lies and Shameless. Of course, we still have a few more months to wait for their premieres.

Californication Adds Marilyn Manson To Season 6

Marilyn Manson is set to join the cast of the hit Showtime program in a season tinged with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. While the musician has dabbled in acting in the past, most notably in movies like Rise: Blood Hunter and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, he is not really known for his acting skills. Because of this, it is no surprise Manson will play himself on Californication.

Friends' Maggie Wheeler Headed To Californication For Season 6

Oh. My. Gawd. Those of us who've seen enough episodes of Friends may associate those words and the name name Janice - at least somewhat - with a certain nasally laugh. This may or may not include the mental image of Chandler Bing shuddering uncomfortably. Maggie Wheeler has played other roles before and since she was Chandler's occasional girlfriend in the beloved NBC comedy series, but it's probably fair to say she's most associated as Janice.

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