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Watch A Man Get Attacked By A Bear In Crazy New Video

A hunter in Canada nearly filmed his own version of that scene with the bear from The Revenant.

This Artist Reimagined Pokemon As Canadians, See The Images

What would have happened if a Canadian game developer, rather than Japanese, had designed and developed the Pokemon games? Artist Darren Calvert thinks he has the answer, and his designs for a friendlier breed of pocket-sized monsters are pretty fantastic, too.

Why Jeopardy Is Banning Canadian Contestants

Many Canadian fans live close to the American border and could theoretically make their way to Los Angeles for a taping of the long-running series. However, apparently Canadians are now being precluded from competing on Jeopardy! and the game show’s reasoning is pretty odd,

Canada Is Unbundling TV, Here's What That Looks Like

Cable is having a major problem. There’s a large chunk of people who simply don’t want to pay for a wildly high cable bill, even if it means losing out on sports and HBO and kids channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. However, in Canada, many companies are set to unbundle their channels.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will Hit Netflix Next Year, But There's A Catch

Here's the good news: Star Wars: The Force Awakens will stream next year on Netflix. Now the bad news: that will only happen for subscribers in Canada.

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The Hollywood Special Effects Community Is Ready To Go To War With Canada

Los Angeles is still the film capital of the world. More and more productions might be fleeing for cheaper pastures, but on the whole, Southern California still gets more film shoots than anywhere else. That being said, the number is getting smaller by the year, and those inside the industry are starting to stand up and fight.

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Kevin Smith Developing A TV Comedy About A Porn Star

Kevin Smith's better known for his films and his podcast than he is for television, but he's no newbie to the small screen, nor to Canadian television for that matter.

Rob Ford Gets His Own Fake Biopic Trailer Starring Chris Farley

There are few things the Internet loves more than a fake trailer. Earlier this week, Batkid got his own Nolan-esque teaser, and now, some genius out there has created one for Toronto mayor Rob Ford that stars, you guessed it, Chris Farley. The deceased comedian’s entire career was like one long out-of-control fat guy montage (in the best way possible), and as such, there’s more than enough material to cover the politician’s rise to power and his current problems.

Chris Brown Pulls Out Of 4 Canadian Concerts

In light of Chris Brown’s legal problems, the singer has decided to pull out of a series of four Canadian concerts, or maybe in light of his legal problems, Drop Entertainment Group has decided to cancel the 2013 Energy/ Summer Rush series. Exactly what the hell happened is unclear, but regardless, those North of the Border will miss out on the gigs that were scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 1 in Toronto, Halifax, Saint John and Winnipeg.

Watch These Crazy Canadians Try To Jump A Jeep Over A Pool

There are certain things we expect from Canadians. Snow plow efficiency, overreactions to hockey games and a general sense of goodwill and friendship would be among them. Building makeshift ramps to jump jeeps over pools like giggly rednecks, however, would definitely be an outlier.

Watch This Video To Learn Why The Border Between The US And Canada Is So Weird

The border between the United States and Canada looks like it’s pretty straight on a map, but up close, there are hundreds of random turns, zig zags and swoops. As such, the fine people over at CGP Grey set about trying to figure out exactly why the straight line is less than straight, and like pretty much everything else in history, it turns out the truth is a bizarre combination of strange bartering and flat out mistakes.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Reportedly Caught Smoking Crack On Tape

Reporters from both outlets were shown the video in its entirety and allegedly offered a chance to buy the footage for six figures. To date, no one has come up with the money required to take the clip public, but alas, the story of its existence has raced around the web.

Canadian Court Denies Randy Quaid's Request For Permanent Residency

Randy Quaid may have been an in-demand actor once upon a time, but these days, the country of Canada apparently doesn’t even want to do business with him. After a strange few years in which Randy and his wife Evi were charged with burglary, fled the country, applied for refugee status and applied for permanent residency, Immigration Canada officially denied the couple’s request for the latter this week, and since they previously withdrew their refugee application, they’re very quickly running out of options to stay north of the border.

Watch How Efficiently Canadians Remove Snow From Their Highways

People who grow up in warm climates usually assume that children in cold climates have snow days all the time. That’s actually not true. In places where it snows frequently, there are so many plows and so many mechanisms in place to clear the roads quickly that it takes a full on blizzard to close school. During my entire time growing up in Chicago, I only remember having two total snow days

Canada's Captain Canuck Coming To The Big Screen

Olsen was selected by Mind’s Eye from a pool of potential writers who’d submitted 15-page treatments on how they’d handle Captain Canuck. He has written for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Here’s to Life before, and he says that Canuck will be presented in the “cartoony vein” of Captain America.

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Canadians Hell-Bent On Keeping Asian Carp Out

No one is quite sure exactly how Asian carp wound up in the Mississippi River. They were imported in mass in the 1970s by fish farmers looking for a cheap and easy way to clean ponds, but somehow, the slippery bastards escaped their homes and wound up in other bodies of water. It could have been flooding. It could have been manual transportation. Regardless of the reason, the slimy, jumping pests are there, and apparently, they’re invasive and particularly good at destroying local fish populations.

Watch Footage From Last Night's Riot In Vancouver

Fueled by decades of frustration and alcohol, hordes of young men began overturning cars, smashing windows and confronting police officers. Hundreds of people ended up in the hospital and scores more were arrested. Vancouver's mayor issued a statement this morning, calling the acts of vandalism “shameful”

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Release Itinerary For Their Canada Trip

Apparently the newlyweds will be visiting the American ‘old west,’ which is actually in Calgary, Canada where they will be viewing an old-fashioned Cattle Rodeo on June 7th. Of all the things they could do, why exactly would the prince and his duchess of Cambridge see a Canadian rodeo? Here's the schedule for their 11 day extravaganza in Canada.

Star Trek Icon Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Nerds rejoice! Star Trek legend William Shatner is set go where not many men have gone before. Captain Kirk will be receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Governor General's Performing Arts Award Foundation on Saturday, May 14th in Canada. The Sci-fi icon will be awarded on his acting career and humanitarian work with Habitat for Humanity, and raising horses.

Superman Probably Shooting In Vancouver Next Summer

Production still seems to be moving forward with an eye on starting next summer, and it looks like it'll all be happening in the Pacific Northwest. Following in the footsteps of Tron: Legacy, Rise of the Apes and countless other blockbusters

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