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Why The Life Ending Was Always Going To Happen That Way, According To The Director

Life director Daniel Espinosa has revealed the steps he took to make sure that the movie's ending wasn't changed during production.

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Why Rebecca Ferguson Originally Turned Down Life, And Why She Reconsidered

In the filmmaking world, the director's vision means everything. No matter how great a script is, it still needs to be executed properly in order to be turned into a great film. This is exactly what hung in the balance as Rebecca Ferguson was considering whether or not to be a part of the new sci-fi thriller Life.

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Rebecca Ferguson Will Lead A Sci-Fi Thriller, And The Details Sound Awesome

After a breakout role last summer in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Rebecca Ferguson had landed a ton of work, but now she'll get the chance to lead an awesome-sounding sci-fi adventure. We can't wait.

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The Boston Marathon Bombing Thriller Just Hit A Major Obstacle

Boston may be strong, but as it turns out something was too powerful for the upcoming film about the Boston Marathon bombing, the film no longer has a director.

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Zero Dark Thirty's Jason Clarke Joins Tom Hardy In Child 44

Based on the novel by Tom Rob Smith, the film is set in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and centers on Tom Hardy as a military police officer named Leo Demidov. Performing his duties he is horrified to pick up a case involving a string of brutal child murders. He digs further into the case, as his government keeps an eye on every move he makes and refuses to admit that the murders actually exist.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman Joins Tom Hardy And Noomi Rapace In Child 44

Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Rob Smith and directed by Safe House helmer Daniel Espinosa, the story centers on a Soviet military police officer named Leo Demidov (Hardy) who picks up a case involving a string of brutal child murders during the Stalin era. As he begins to dig further and further into the case, he realizes that his government is keeping a sharp eye on every move he makes, and refuses to admit that the killings are actually happening.

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Paddy Considine And Fares Fares Join Tom Hardy In Child 44

The plot, based on Tom Rob Smith’s 2008 novel, follows a disgraced MGB agent named Leo Demidov (Hardy), who investigates a series of brutal killings in the Soviet Union, back when the country was still under Joseph Stalin’s rule.

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Safe House Director Daniel Espinosa To Helm John Grisham's The Racketeer

After earning a strong reputation with his Swedish film Snabba cash, director Daniel Espinosa arrived in Hollywood with a solid bang. Last year saw the release of his first American feature, Safe House with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, and the movie was a bona fide hit, managing to make over $200 million at the global box office, and he has been in demand since.

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Safe House Helmer May Replace Ridley Scott On Crime Thriller Child 44

Though the Cold War is long over, there is still something satisfying and reliable about tales of Soviet Union stoicism and villainy, and both are at the center of British novelist Tom Rob Smith's chilling crime novel Child 44. Smith found inspiration for his novel, which focuses on a string of heinous child murders, in the shocking and true story of Andrei Chikatilo, a Ukrainian serial killer...

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Safe House Director Daniel Espinosa Up For World War II Yakuza Thriller The Outsider

Safe House wasn't the most impressive action movie I've seen-- and at times Espinosa's serious Tony Scott influence seemed to overwhelm his ability to actually tell a story-- but the guy clearly shows a lot of promise, and moving on to another action movie, but with a really interesting premise, sounds like the right move at this point

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Safe House Director Daniel Espinosa Talks Bringing The Right Team Together

You know the cliché phrase, “you’ve got to see it to believe it?” That’s certainly the case with Safe House. It’s one thing to kick off the production with a solid script, but a guy like Daniel Espinosa is a necessity when it comes to bringing the piece to life the right way. As a director, Espinosa doesn’t hold back in the least, casting the roles as he sees fit, designing car chase sequences even though he doesn’t drive himself and even getting into the wheel well to catch the action.

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Safe House's Denzel Washington And Ryan Reynolds Talk Waterboarding And Car Chases

When you’ve got heavy hitters like Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the same movie, you’ve got know what you’re getting yourself into. In honor of Safe House’s February 10th release, Washington and Reynolds came to New York City for a press conference.

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Denzel Washington And Ryan Reynolds Do Battle In First Clip From Safe House

There are few actors who can play a villain quite like Denzel Washington, and he has the Oscar to prove it. Playing Alonzo Harris in Training Day, Washington was a seriously evil, corrupt son of a bitch, murdering anybody that got in his way and selling out anyone who threatened the way he operated. Then he did it again in American Gangster, playing the notorious drug kingpin Frank Lucas.

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Brendan Gleeson, Robert Patrick And More Join The Cast Of Safe House

When you're a director set to break out with your first English language film and you have Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington playing your hero and villain, you're in a pretty damn

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Tim McGraw Joins Ryan Reynolds And Denzel Washington In Safe House

When musicians try and get into the acting game, the results can often be disastrous (Glitter, Crossroads, Get Rich Or Die Trying, etc.) Tim McGraw, on the other hand, has actually

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Denzel Washington Set To Play Another Villain In Safe House

For all of the heroes and good-guys he has played, Denzel Washington is never better than when he is playing the villain. From his Oscar winning performance in Training Day to ruthless drug

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Daniel Espinosa: A Director You'll Be Hearing About A Lot Soon

Espinosa is the director of the Swedish crime thriller Snabba Cash, which you may recall has already been picked up by Hollywood for a remake starring Zac Efron

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