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Dark Places Trailer: Charlize Theron Digs Up A Deadly Mystery

After all the critical acclaim that came with Gone Girl, the first trailer for Gillian Flynn's Dark Places brings to life the bestselling novel about a young girl looking for the person responsible for slaughtering her family.

Dark Places Trailer Has Charlize Theron Solving A Horrific Mystery

Late last year, author Gillian Flynn found her work on the big screen for the first time thanks to David Fincher's adaptation of her novel Gone Girl. Now we're already seeing a trailer for the second film based on one of her books - and it looks pretty damn creepy.

First Look: Charlize Theron Goes Grungy In Dark Places

Author Gillian Flynn is the Queen of Book Clubs thanks to her three nail-biting crime novels Gone Girl, Dark Places and Sharp Objects. And with two of these getting A-lister fronted movie adaptations, she's brewing to be the a major force in Hollywood.

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The Sopranos' Drea De Matteo Joins Charlize Theron In Dark Places

In the film, an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestselling 2009 novel, protagonist Libby Day (Charlize Theron) was seven years old when her mother and two sisters were brutally murdered, devil worshiper style, and she testified that her teenage brother Ben (Corey Stoller) was the killer.

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Warm Bodies' Nicholas Hoult Joins Charlize Theron For Dark Places

Theron will star as Libby Day, a lonely woman who twenty-five years before narrowly escaped the horrific murder spree that took her mother and sisters, and left her brooding teen brother the only suspect. The novel begins in the present, but flashes back to the past as Libby reconsiders what might have happened that fateful night, beginning an amateur investigation that rattles her view of her mother, brother, and much, much more. Helping her in the investigation will be Hoult's character, Lyle

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Chloe Moretz In Talks To Join Charlize Theron In Dark Places

Chloe Grace Moretz has been taking on dark roles for a while now. The actress has made a name for herself with strong performances in some fantastically dark characters, including Mindy Macready (aka Hit-Girl) in Kick-Ass, and the strange and predatory Abby in Let Me In. Possibly joining the list is Dark Places, the feature adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel, in which Moretz is in talks to play Diondra.

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Charlize Theron Will Go To Dark Places In Gone Girl Novelist's Adaptation

Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl took the world by storm last summer, turning otherwise functional adults into page-turning fiends, putting their entire lives on hold until they got through the end of the twisty, dark, amazingly fun book. (My apologies to my Cinema Blend colleagues for being functionally worthless during that time)

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Charlize Theron Could Replace Amy Adams In Dark Places Adaptation

For the longest time it looked as though Amy Adams was going to play Libby, the character with a dark secret at the head of the upcoming drama Dark Places, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn. Last May it was reported that the Oscar nominated actress had entered talks to star in the film, but now it's looking as though those plans have fallen apart. But what's bad news for Adams is good news for Charlize Theron.

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Amy Adams May Tackle Dark Places

Amy Adams is an actress so bubbly and bright that she made the perfect Disney princess come to life in 2007's Enchanted. But for every chipper movie venture, Adams is careful to create a dramatic ballast, securing her cache and reputation by diving into darker roles in sterner movies

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