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10 Actors Who Crushed It In Unexpected Roles

In Hollywood, certain actors get known for certain sorts of roles. Once an actor shows a particular skill or affinity for a certain type of performance, it makes sense to put that actor back into a similar position. We like it better when they zig, then they zag.

Channing Tatum Hated This Infamous Costume, Calls It The Devil's Condom

Channing Tatum is used to wearing all sorts of, shall we say, eccentric outfits. But there is one he calls “the devil’s condom.”

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Steve Carell's Adorable Reaction To His Oscar Nomination Will Make You Love Him Even More

With Steve Carell's latest career choices, he is slowly creeping up the ladder as Hollywood's "Most Likable Actor" - not only as one of our favorite comedic actors, but now as one of our most interesting dramatic actors.

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Foxcatcher's Main Character Just Went On The Most Shocking Rant Yet

After he publicly excoriated the film, Foxcatcher main character, Mark Schultz now seems to be more accepting of the film, expressing love and adulation. What brought about this 180 degree turn?

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2015 Oscars: 5 Other Performances Good Enough To Earn Best Actor Noms

Thanks to the fact that 2014 was such a brilliant year for film, practically every Academy Award category this year can be seen as a tight race – but there is one that really stands above them all. The crop of Best Actor candidates this year was absolutely incredible, to the point where you almost wish they changed the rules to allow 10 nominations instead of the normal five.

10 Big Golden Globes Winners And Losers

Now that the dust has settled and all of the results are in, it’s time to look at the big winners and losers of this year’s Golden Globes. Who or what gained the most momentum? Who or what lost the most? Read on to find out!

Foxcatcher Slammed Yet Again, This Time By A Rival Studio

And the Foxcatcher fiasco continues. Warner Bros. had to publicly apologize to Sony, the studio behind Foxcatcher, after one of its employees slammed the film over Twitter.

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5 Big Things The PGA Noms Tell Us About The Oscars

The Producers Guild Association is the latest group to drop its selection for the best of 2014, and those of us tracking each step of the Oscar marathon found more than enough interesting elements to single out.

Foxcatcher's Main Character Deletes His Hostile Tweets, Posts New Explanation For His Anger

It was only a few months ago during the New York Film Festival that Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller said there was virtually no opposition from any of his film's subjects to telling this story. He spoke a bit prematurely, as the real-like Mark Schultz aggressively denounced his portrayal in the film.

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Foxcatcher's Main Character Is Furious About The Movie's Gay Undertones

SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains light spoilers for Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher. If you haven't seen the film and don't wish to be spoiled, please click over to another one of our wonderful articles.

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Foxcatcher's Main Character Seems To Have Declared War On The Director

Foxcatcher is in theaters now, and is earning raves for Miller’s direction, as well as for the acting performances of the three male leads – Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo. Could this controversy start to damage the film’s reputation? Or is it all a massive misunderstanding?

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Watch This Supercut Of Epic Movie Shots From 2014

This supercut of 2014's best shots of cinematography might just leave you with stars in your eyes. Check out what one editor thought was the best of the best online.

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The 10 Best Movies Of 2014, According To Mack

2014 won’t go down as the greatest year in the history of Hollywood, but it had a lot of damn good movies. Some of them were big budget, some of them were made on shoestrings. In a way, that’s the great thing about Hollywood.

The 10 Best Movies Of 2014, According To Eric

After much agonizing, rank swapping, and last-minute screening squeeze-ins, I am ready to reveal my Top 10 for 2014 - and it’s a list of movies that made me feel hundreds of kinds of emotions throughout the year and that I plan to watch many times again in the future.

Awards Blend: Angelina Jolie And Unbroken Just Received A Christmas Miracle

A number of films moved up and down the Awards Blend charts as we sailed past Christmas. As of Friday, December 26, here’s where I think our major contenders stand.

The 10 Best Movies Of 2014, According To Sean

All lists are subjective, and I’m sure we will disagree on certain selections. But these are the films that moved me most, the ones that either hit with the largest impact or stuck with the greatest intensity.

This Leaked Channing Tatum Email Is Epic, Could Have Been Sent By Your Little Brother

I’m legitimately comforted by the fact that the ultra-serious dude from Foxcatcher -- the guy who appears like he could snap my neck like a twig – sends hilariously pompous emails to his friends and colleagues when he’s experiencing a true upbeat moment in his professional life.

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The 2015 Critics Choice Nominations: Get The Complete List Here

The CCMAs are selected by critics, and have no direct influence on the Oscars. But as I mentioned in the last episode of Awards Blend (our weekly Oscar podcast), recognition by groups like SAG and the BFCA only help a film’s Oscar campaign, and an omission by a key organization like the BFCA can damage a campaign (or, at the very least, set it back).

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Awards Blend: The Best Actor Race Is About To Get Bloody

Someone’s going to be left out in the cold. Several very talented and deserving people, in fact. There’s no avoiding it. There are simply too many talented actors vying for five Best Actor slots this year, so on the morning of the Oscar nominations, there could be as many as 10 worthy performers looking at the five nominees and wondering why they aren’t in that exclusive group.

Fantastic Mr. Fox And Foxcatcher Just Got The Greatest Mash-Up Trailer Ever

Ladies and gentlemen it is time once again to heap praise on the internet for perfectly mashing together two movies that have pretty much got nothing in common. Except for the word "Fox." Take a gander below at the first, and probably last, trailer for The Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher.

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