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The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 12: Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Reveal What They'd Do With A $100 Million Budget

Pegg and Frost, who at this point in their lives have probably done a billion of these interviews together, are a fantastic team to watch on film and a tough one to interview-- you get the sense that they've choreographed their responses to the T.

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The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 11: The World's End GIF Review

Cornetto movies have a unique ability to make audiences buck and belly laugh, and so it seemed a good time for a GIF review. There will be some spoilers below, but nothing you wouldn’t know from the trailer.

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 10: Rock Out To The Cornetto Trilogy Remix

With the release of this video, it's also an opportune time to express appreciation for the terrific music that have backed The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy since its inception in 2004. Not only do all of the films have cool scores, Wright has demonstrated an impressive talent for putting soundtracks together...

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 9: Edgar Wright And Quentin Tarantino Record One Of The Greatest DVD Commentaries... Ever!

Tarantino LOVES talking over other people’s films. He chimed in on Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk til Dawn (which he co-wrote and starred), and Eli Roth’s Hostel. And then there is the marathon session Tarantino agreed to do with Wright for the Blu-ray release of my personal favorite Cornetto Trilogy film: Hot Fuzz.

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 8: How Edgar Wright And Richard Linklater Can Rescue Trilogies

2013 has been crammed, like most years, with big-budget sequels, and two of them threequels. But there are also two, honest-to-God threequels that, at least for now, are wrapping up true trilogies. Both of them involved directors working with stars who were also co-writers, and who had been working together for years. Both of them wrapped up stories that began in the 90s.

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 7: Is Edgar Wright A Great Director?

A great director is only as great as the person defending him. There are people who claim that Orson Welles is overrated, that Martin Scorsese hasn't made a good movie since Raging Bull … and people who say that Neveldine & Taylor are unheralded heroes and Michael Bay is the best living director. Deciding a director is "great" is a sure way to start an argument-- so that's exactly what we decided to do

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 6: Is Peep Show The Next Spaced?

For me the answer is simple: David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the stars of the outstandingly funny sitcom Peep Show. On the surface this show actually has a lot in common with Spaced. It’s a Britcom with English stars that follows a pair of oft-arguing roommates who have a circle of wacky friends and a never-ending barrage of bad luck.

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 5: Operation Kino 127 Review: The World's End

This week we've gathered together our best friends from high school and affixed our beer goggles firmly to our heads, as we attempt the 12-stop Golden Mile pub crawl and reveal the new Wright/Pegg/Frost joint The World's End. Does it live up to the legacy of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz? Is that even a fair question to ask?

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 4: The World's End Giveaway!

Are you ready for the Golden Mile? The famous pub crawl in the quiet BRitish town of Newton Haven has gotten the best of many over the years, but next week five friends are going to reunite and give it another shot-- and you're invited to join them on their quest, which will be unlike any pub crawl you've actually seen before.

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 3: The Best Fan Art

Today is day three of our 12 day Golden Mile coverage leading up to the release of The World’s End in the U.S., and we’re celebrating by taking a tour through the movie’s official Tumblr and highlighting the best stuff we could find. Come inside to see what we discovered!

The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 2: Interactive Shaun Of The Dead Screenplay Dives Deep

Nearly 10 years after its release, and after stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have come to be cultural icons in their own right, Shaun of the Dead has been analyzed and revered on the Internet over and over and over again. It was released at the perfect moment for Internet love, really, crammed with so many references and callbacks that it was practically begging for the web to interpret it.

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The Cornetto Trilogy Golden Mile, Day 1: The World's End Ice Cream Goes Glow-In-The-Dark

As fans of the previous entries in the trilogy we're as excited as a gaggle of zombies who smell fresh brains for The World's End, and today we're kicking off our countdown to the film's North American release on August 23. For the next 12 days-- a nod to the Golden Mile pub crawl at the heart of The World's End-- we're celebrating the Cornetto Trilogy in some way, from digging up viral videos and fan art to writing lengthy essays about our own love for the films

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