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Marvel's Inhumans Apparently Won't Stick Around In IMAX For As Long As We Thought

Inhumans is slated to hit the small screen at the end of September, but folks will be able to check it out early in IMAX theaters. As it turns out, however, it won't be in theaters for as long as we expected.

Ghost In The Shell Showed Off Two Scenes That Have Us Very Excited For The Movie

CinemaBlend was recently treated to a sneak peek at Ghost in the Shell. Here is everything that we saw.

Disney Extends IMAX Deal That Will Affect Indiana Jones 5, Star Wars, Marvel And More

Advancements in technology have made watching movies at home one of the simplest things in the world do. As such, theaters have had to come up with creative ways to keep people coming back to the cinema. One of the most popular ways is the massive Imax screen.

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Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk Showed Off A Ton In Its 7-Minute IMAX Preview

I was one of the people who thought that they were heading into a presentation that would consist of merely a trailer, if we were lucky. Yet there we all were, sitting in the auditorium, when the IMAX logo had kicked in again for some strange reason, and then some studio logos that looked oddly familiar.

How Imax Wants To Get Into More TV Deals

With an ambitious new team up with Marvel and a major TV network, IMAX is going bigger than ever with its focus on the small screen, and there's no end in sight.

Why Marvel's Inhumans Is Going To Be On Both The Big And Small Screen

Marvel made big news recently with the announcement of an Inhumans TV series that will also appear in movie theaters. Now, we know why the new approach is being taken with The Inhumans.

The Harry Potter Franchise Is Coming Back To Theaters, Get The Details

How much Harry is too much Harry? Potter fans are about to find out.

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When Marvel Fans Can Get An Exclusive Look At Doctor Strange In IMAX

While we're still a few months away from Doctor Strange hitting theaters, Marvel is hosting a special first-look at the Sorcerer Supreme's adventure. Get the details.

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IMAX Is Bringing VR Stations To Your Neighborhood Theaters, Get The Details

As home viewing technology for motion pictures continues to improve, movie theaters have to continue to find new ways to attract an audience. It appears that IMAX has an idea for one way to get people into their theater seats, virtual reality.

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Why Sully Needs To Be Seen In IMAX

To increase the dread and make these scenes as dramatic as possible, director Clint Eastwood and cinematographer Tom Stern decided to shoot all of Sully using IMAX cameras to increase the size and scope of the film. But does it work? And should you be paying more of your hard earned cash to see Sully in IMAX?

IMAX Will Build You A Private Home Movie Theater For This Insane Amount Of Money

These days, movie theaters and studios are doing everything in their power to lure you away from your television sets and souped home home-theater displays to continue to support local multiplexes. But the struggle is real.

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Virtual Reality Experiences May Be Coming To An IMAX Theater Near You, Get The Details

It looks like the world of virtual reality is already gearing up to branch out into areas other than gaming, with IMAX today announcing that it plans to offer VR experiences in theaters across the country.

Captain America: Civil War's Big IMAX Scene Revealed

Let the Captain America: Civil War hype train commence! With the first critics screenings already in the bag, we've now got some details that specify which big scene will see the IMAX format used to its full potential.

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Awesome Batman v Superman Clip Shows Why You Better See It In IMAX

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is already a pretty big film on content alone. But considering what it looks like in an IMAX presentation, it looks looks like the movie is literally bigger than we could have ever imagined.

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Are You Planning To See Star Wars: The Force Awakens In 2D Or 3D?

The modern movie landscape doesn’t just give the ability to watch any given film but also to choose how to see it. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is no exception, and you will have many options of how to watch it.

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Why Star Wars Fanatics Are Trekking To Canada To See The Force Awakens

If you're in Canada, you're going to have a hard time seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens the way it was meant to be seen. But if you're smart about it, you'll be able to make it! Read on for some vital intel.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Already Shattered Two Major Records

We're just about two months away from actually seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but just in case you needed to be reminded of how anticipated it is, the film is already breaking records.

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Star Wars 7 Ticket Sales Keep Crashing Online Ticket Sites

If the reported difficulties United Kingdom movie theaters were experiencing over advance ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were any indication, we were in for a scramble tonight when presale tickets on this side of the pond became available.

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The Walk's IMAX Numbers Are Shockingly Bad

Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk seems perfect for IMAX screenings. Unfortunately for Sony, the studio releasing the film, a relatively small number of people are going to see The Walk in IMAX.

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How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Plans To Dominate The Marketplace In December

A while ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger made his doubts regarding the predicted success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens known, but a recent move by the Mouse House suggests that the film will completely dominate the landscape during its opening month.

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