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In Living Color Reboot Isn't Happening

Remember that In Living Color reboot that was supposed to be happening? Well, in case you hadn't deduced by the lack of updates on the project, it isn't happening. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed as much at the TCA's today. Though it might not be a huge surprise, this news is likely to come as a disappointment to those who were hoping to see the sketch comedy series make a comeback.

In Living Color Reboot Casts Kali Hawk and Jennifer Bartels

It seems like there’s a market for funny women for sketch comedies right now. Just yesterday we learned that Saturday Night Live was looking for female comedians. And today news broke that the upcoming reboot of In Living Color has cast two women. Of the two newly cast women, Hawk is likely to be more recognizable. She played the outspoken girlfriend Trudy in Couple’s Retreat, and was more recently seen showing off her “love is eternal face” in Bridesmaids.

Fox Bringing In Living Color Back With Two Specials This Spring

Fox just sent word that next year, they’ll be airing two half-hour specials described as an “updated version” of the ‘90‘s sketch comedy series In Living Color. Exact dates have not been announced, but we should expect to see them in Spring 2012.

FOX and Foxx Developing Sketch Comedy Pilot

Jamie Foxx is coming back to his sketch comedy roots. FOX has merged two separate sketch comedy pitches into one, which now has the pedigree of two MadTV creators, two In Living Color writers, a producer and voice actor for The Boondocks, and Wild N Out's Affion Crockett

Blendcast: Three Men And A Date With Summer

Why couldn’t you have just put the bunny back in the box? Huh? Huh, Billy Bedlam, you redneck douche bag? On this week’s Blendcast, the wonders of Con Air are discussed, Trevor gets all hot and bothered about an unlikely character in Old School and Brian tells ya’ll why he’d rather cast Jason Lee than Harry Shearer

David Alan Grier Presents Chocolate News On Comedy Central

David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News is supposed to “Blow the lid off the urban experience in modern America” but based on the video clips we have from the series premiere, which is set to air on Comedy Central on October 15th, I’m not sure this show will do much more than recycle a lot of the same humor we saw back in Grier’s In Living Color days.

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