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Joel McHale May Have Just Landed His Next TV Role With A Badass New Comic Book Show

Comic book adaptations are all the rage nowadays, and TV veteran Joel McHale may have just signed on to star in a brand new comic-based series that sounds pretty badass.

Who Green Lantern Corps May Be Considering To Play Hal Jordan

DC's shortlist for the role of Hal Jordan is a fascinating and eclectic collection of A-listers, but only one of them can star in Green Lantern Corps.

Watch Katy Perry Get Naked To Vote In Funny Video

Katy Perry is willing to go to some extreme lengths to be sure you get out and vote this November --- including tearing off all her clothes in a hilarious new video!

Netflix's National Lampoon Movie Just Found The Perfect Actor To Play Chevy Chase

A Futile and Stupid Gesture, which centers on the founding of the National Lampoon, has thus far nailed its casting. That trend has most definitely continued, as we’ve just learned that Joel McHale has been cast to portray comedian Chevy Chase.

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How Joel McHale Landed His X-Files Gig

Fans of The X-Files have been waiting a long time for the return of the franchise to the small screen. One of the most curious bits of news was of the casting of comic actor Joel McHale in a key role. Well, the truth behind the casting is out there, and the truth is…kind of surprising.

A Community Reunion Is Coming To Dr. Ken, Get The Details

It’s taken a while, but most TV realists find it’s no longer impossible to accept that Community isn’t coming back. But at least we still get to see the actors doing things together.

The Soup Is Ending After 22 Seasons

Who knew that a single host and a green screen would make such a winning combination? Over the years, The Soup – along with host Joel McHale – has made a name for itself as E!’s go-to source for satire and snide remarks concerning Hollywood’s biggest names. And now it's coming to an end.

What Are The Chances Of Community Getting Its Own Movie?

Fans of the television show Community have spent years fighting for the show with the battle cry "Six Seasons and a Movie." Now, however, the six seasons are over, and those same fans have been left wondering whether or not a movie will ever actually happen. The reality is that the future is still a mystery, but a new report indicates that there is actual hope for a feature-length film.

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Joel McHale Is Joining The X-Files, Get The Details

Joel McHale is joining Mulder and Scully on the upcoming X-Files limited series, here's what we know so far.

How Joel McHale Is Fighting Dumb Internet Commenters

As people on the Internet who read things and then perhaps comment on them, you’re about to get a TV show based on your wordy antics, with presumably less sexism, racism and all-around hatred for all things that exist. And it's coming from Joel McHale.

How The IT Crowd Is Getting A Remake, Again

This week, NBC ordered an American remake of the hit British comedy, which will be coming from Bill Lawrence and more. This time around, I’m presuming the network is not going to throw Joel McHale into a sloppy t-shirt and consider him a prime candidate for the lead role. Here’s what’s going on with the new project.

The Merry Friggin' Christmas Trailer Gives Us Robin Williams And Plenty Of Laughs

The trailer for A Merry Friggin' Christmas has arrived and it gives us a good look at the shenanigans that ensue when Joel McHale and the late, great Robin Williams team up as father and son. Check it out in all of its family holiday mayhem below...

Joel McHale And Jim Rash's True Detective Parody Is Delightfully Confusing

Last night on E!’s The Soup, Community stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash did what they do best: skewer and satirize a movement in the cultural zeitgeist. In this case, the HBO series True Detective, which literally no one on planet earth can stop talking about and/or obsessing over. And we have to admit: their purposefully confounding clip is pretty funny.

Community's Ratings Weren't Great But There's Still Hope, Greendalians

Dan Harmon has returned to his flagship production, NBC’s kooky meta-comedy Community, but unfortunately the fans may not have followed suit. Oh god: are we living in the darkest timeline, after all? Last night’s season five premiere — which found Harmon back in the creative drivers’ seat after being fired prior to season four — featured two back-to-back episodes and averaged 3.4 million viewers. But there's hope to be had, still, people of Greendale!

Reminder: Spike VGX Streaming Gaming Goodness Today

The most important night of the year for video games is finally upon us as Spike prepares to kick off the 2013 VGX extravaganza, formerly known as the Video Game Awards. We can only assume that the X stands for either “X-perience” or “X-treme.”

Check Out Nathan Fillion On The Set Of Community

Community is gearing up for its fifth season on NBC. The network has yet to announce when the comedy will be making its big return, but we do know the show is at least filming, thanks to some awesome set photos posted by Alison Brie today. On Tuesday, the actress was on the Community set hanging out with star Joel McHale and none other than Nathan Fillion.

Joel McHale To Play Eric Bana's Cop Partner In Thriller Beware The Night

In Beware the Night, Bana plays an NYPD street cop whose lapsed faith in religion gets tested as he finds himself up against a soldier (Harris) possessed by the devil. McHale is going completely against type to play Bana’s partner, a tough, experienced cop. (I bet his biceps come out at some point.)

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The Soup Spinoff And The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik Featured In E!'s Unscripted Development Slate

Unscripted television is E!’s bread and butter, and the network has some new ones up their sleeve. The latest announcements on the unscripted development slate include an inside look at the top families of Sonoma wine country, the lives of high-stakes female poker pros, and a photography competition series. The development announcements follow on new series and a bunch of new specials planned for the network.

Joel McHale Joins Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore In New Romantic Comedy

The story follows a man and a woman who have a horrible first date and then find themselves stuck together at a resort with their respective children from previous marriages. Given the two stars' chemistry in The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, however, presumably they eventually learn to fall in love with each other.

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Joel McHale, Robin Williams And Lauren Graham To Experience A Friggin' Christmas Miracle

It hurts to say it, but last night was the beginning of the end for Community fans. The beloved but ratings-lacking show premiered the first episode of what looks to be its fourth and final season. But while it will hurt to say goodbye to such an amazing bit of television, we can all take solace in the fact that everyone involved with the series is more than talented enough to find more work.

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