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How Exactly Does Lois Lane Fit Into Justice League?

The latest Justice League trailer has us further questioning just what kind of role Lois Lane will play in the movie. Read our thoughts on the matter ahead.

Why Playing Lois Lane Is Tricky, According To Amy Adams

Amy Adams is the latest actress to portray the intrepid reporter in live action, and while she enjoys playing Lois, she also finds the role tricky in this way.

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The Problem Margot Kidder Has With Lois Lane In The New Superman Movies

Margot Kidder has a problem with the modern portrayal of Lois Lane, and it's rooted deeply in the approach to the material. Read on to find out what Kidder has to say, and why she's upset about the material being given to Amy Adams.

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8 Major Changes Batman V Superman Made For The Ultimate Edition

While there are a lot of minor additions or alterations scattered throughout Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Ultimate Edition, here are the biggest changes that the extended cut featured.

Amy Adams Reveals Her Favorite Moment From Filming Batman V Superman

Based on the trailers and the overall direction of the DC cinematic universe, it seems as though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be just as dark and brooding as Man of Steel. However, there will be some funny moments. Amy Adams, who returns for the sequel as intrepid reporter Lois Lane, recalled her favorite scene from the film, and it’s one that seems to be a lot lighter than we’re used to.

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Wonder Woman Or Lois Lane? Henry Cavill Talks Superman's Love Life

Although Superman and Lois Lane have been romantically involved over the decades, the Kryptonian has also had dalliances with Wonder Woman. So which woman does Superman actor Henry Cavill think is the better fit for the Man of Steel?

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Batman And Lois Lane Will Share Scenes In Batman v Superman

Batman will probably wind up spending most of his time with Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the Caped Crusader will also be sharing a few scenes with the Kryptonian’s love interest, Lois Lane.

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Why Batman V Superman Had To Bring Back Lois Lane

Lois Lane may not seem impressive compared to all the superheroes appearing in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but don’t just dismiss her. The intrepid reporter will have an especially important role to play in the film.

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Man Of Steel Image Reveals That Lois Lane Is An Apple Fan

We've long since realized that Amy Adams won't be ditching her signature red hair to play famous brunette Lois Lane in Man of Steel, but that's just about all we do know about the character. She's appeared briefly in the film's trailers, but most of the marketing has, intuitively, focused on Clark Kent or Superman

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Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In Zack Snyder's Superman

Contrary to earlier rumors that Lois might not even be part of the new Superman movie, Snyder called the character "a linchpin" of the story, and discussed updating the character for modern audiences and keeping her as part of "the same universe" as his new take on Superman

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New Superman Female Lead May Be URSA; Is Zod Coming With Her?

The character appeared in the first two Richard Donner movies, imprisoned alongside General Zod in the first film and returning to earth with him in the second, hating all of human kind and especially men

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Lois Lane Won't Be In Superman, Alice Eve Rumored For Non-Lois Fem Lead

Along with the fairly logical conclusion that Lois Lane won’t be in the new Superman movie Variety also drops out their own list of possible female lead frontrunners. They’re going

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Add Mila Kunis To The Lois Lane Rumor Pile

Given the nonchalant way Kunis's name is tossed in alongside the names we already know-- Dianna Agron, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Malin Akerman-- I honestly wonder if they just added her as

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Relax, Kristen Stewart Probably Won't Be Lois Lane

Since the announcement of Henry Cavill as the new Clark Kent, the internet has been utterly preoccupied with the question of who will play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s new Superman

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Olivia Wilde May Also Be Joining The Lois Lane Race

Sometimes when it rains it pours. Just this morning a huge list of potential candidates to play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot hit the web and included names

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Rachel McAdams And Jessica Biel Are Top Lois Lane Contenders

McAdams showed both comic timing and sex appeal as the love interest in Sherlock Holmes, and could easily carry the zingy rapport that Lois Lane has with Clark Kent in addition to melting when

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Anne Hathaway For Superman's Lois Lane?

Zack Snyder’s Superman movie has remained largely a mystery so far. We don’t know who he’s casting or what he’s planning, it’s all just rumor and conjecture. Here’s some more rumor and conjecture, but from the pretty

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Natalie Portman Could Be Lois Lane

Work on a Superman reboot is currently underway at Warner Bros, and while producer Christopher Nolan is still looking for a director, they're also thinking casting

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