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The Live Action Winnie The Pooh Movie Has Found Its Director

Disney is plowing ahead with live action versions of their classic animated properties, including Winnie the Pooh. Now the 100 Acre Wood denizens have a director attached to helm their newest and most unusual adventure.

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Red Rising Movie Update, Here's The Latest From The Author

In less than a day, the anticipated third installment to Pierce Brown's Red Rising trilogy hits shelves, which reminds us that there is supposed to be a feature adaptation of the first book on the way.

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World War Z's Marc Forster Will Head To Mars For Action Thriller Red Rising

The story centers on a character named Darrow, a teen who lives underground on Mars, working with the rest of his lower-tier citizens dubbed Reds. Though he thinks his cause is noble and that he’s working to make the Mars surface habitable for future generations, he discovers that the surface has long been the home for the upper class, with giant cities spread out all over the planet.

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Marc Forster Won't Be Back For The World War Z Sequel

So with Forster out, who should Pitt get to replace him? The director has an excellent working relationship with David Fincher. Or how about The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont, or someone from that show? Darabont also directed one of the most underrated horror films from recent years, the reboot of The Mist.

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Why You'll Never See World War Z's Original Ending

Apparently ready to let bygones to be bygones, Forster also gets into detail on the film's actual ending, when Brad Pitt's character Gerry gets up close and personal with a zombie in the abandoned wing of the WHO headquarters in Wales

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Find Out Exactly Which Parts Of World War Z Were Rescued By Damon Lindelof And Drew Goddard

HuffPo confirms, “Everything starting with [Pitt’s character Gerry] Lane entering the aircraft, including every incident on the flight, was written by Goddard and Lindelof.” The rewrites also get credit for a completely different ending, which builds more suspense than a digital Russian battle likely would have generated.

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World War Z Banners Take Carnage Global

To tease this ambitious adaptation of Max Brook's zombie apocalypse novel, the filmmakers are now releasing a string of banner posters that show off the carnage that infects the world in this thriller. Inside you can see a toppled Rome, Berlin ablaze, Paris on fire, and Mexico City swarmed.

World War Z Debuts A New Poster And Six New Images

As you can probably tell by the title, World War Z isn't a zombie movie that's limited to the size of a shopping mall. Instead, the film is a globe-spanning epic, following Brad Pitt's character Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee, from country to country as he tries to discover a cure for the horrific outbreak.

World War Z's Behind-The-Scenes Breakdown Is A Must-Read

If you follow the movie industry closely, there's nothing more fascinating than an autopsy of a disaster, when the people behind a film get away from the promotional speak and soundbites and really dig into what made a film fall apart. It's rare to get that level of candor at any point, but it's practically impossible to get it before a film opens. Which is what makes Vanity Fair's cover story on World War Z an absolute, stop-everything must-read

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World War Z's Behind-The-Scenes Chaos Revealed By Damon Lindelof

It’s rare to have people involved with the movie talking openly about production problems before the film reaches theaters. Perhaps it’s because they are confident that the finished product survived the problems?

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World War Z Director Marc Forster Up For Disney's Imagining Nathan

Lately all the news that makes mention of director Marc Forster has been about his adaptation of Max Brooks' novel World War Z, and of that none of it's been good. There have been reports of seven weeks of reshoots, scribes being brought in to rewrite the third act for those reshoots, and rumors that Brad Pitt, who is serving as producer and star, has completely cut ties with the director.

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World War Z Faces Even More Production Problems And Brad Pitt's Silent Treatment

According to Vulture, star Brad Pitt is no longer on speaking terms with director Marc Forster, even with the production heading into the last three weeks of reshoots. All this as the budget balloons up to $170 million

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The Production Nightmare Of World War Z

From release date shuffling, to extensive reshoots, to a last-minute hustle for a third act rewrite, it's no secret that Marc Forster's World War Z adaptation has been plagued with problems. But as this dystopian drama trudges toward five weeks of "complex reshoots," THR has unveiled some more of the shocking missteps that appear to have marred the Brad Pitt-fronted—and produced—zombie drama that's had fan boys buzzing since its earliest announcement.

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Damon Lindelof Is Rewriting The World War Z Screenplay

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof, who has co-created the winding mystery series Lost and co-wrote the sci-fi ensemble thriller Prometheus, has been contracted to rewrite the World War Z script penned by Matthew Michael Carnahan (State of Play, Lions for Lambs), focusing specifically on the film's third act.

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Brad Pitt Doing Seven Weeks Of Reshoots On World War Z

Marc Forster wrapped shooting last summer, so this news is off-putting. Also, seven weeks is a very long time to merely patch up problems that might be plaguing the finished film. However, the news item has very little details about what’s being shot, or who from the cast is joining Pitt for the shoot.

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Marc Forster to Helm Universal's Cowboy Ninja Viking

Forster is currently in post-production on the Brad Pitt-fronted horror feature World War Z, which is due out next Christmas. But as soon as that zombie-centered movie is complete, he'll probably dive right into pre-production on Cowboy Ninja Viking as Universal is hoping to get production going by year's end. The studio is also hankering for this to be the beginning of a new action franchise, which makes Forster a curious choice.

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Black List Screenwriter To Adapt Angelology For Will Smith's Production Company

Sony Pictures, which is co-producing the film with Smith and James Lassiter of Overbrook and Marc Forster of Apparatus, has hired screenwriter Larry Brenner to craft the adaptation's script. Brenner is best known for having scored a coveted spot on the 2011 blacklist for his zombie and vampire-packed post-apocalyptic venture Bethlehem, and seems a great fit for Angelology, as it too has a batch of mythical beings at its center.

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World War Z Being Looked At As The First Of A Trilogy

If it hasn't already been made abundantly clear, Hollywood loves franchises and sequels. Whether prudent or not, studios will do everything in their power to produce sequels to movies that may not necessarily need them. And it stars in pre-production too. The Hunger Games and Twilight were so appealing to the movie industry not just because of book sales but because they came prepackaged as a potential trilogy.

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Gerard Butler May Be Circling Submarine Thriller Hunter Killer

Gerard Butler’s on a world-saving kick lately. Shortly after the trailer for his drug-dealer-turned-freedom-fighter drama Machine Gun Preacher reached the Web, we’re seeing a story that links the burly 300 star to another thriller that would cast Butler as the captain of some butt-kicking Navy SEALS.

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First Trailer For Machine Gun Preacher Has Gerard, God, And Guns

Yesterday we posted the first trailer for Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of William Shakespeare's Coriolanus. In that film Gerard Butler plays Tullus Aufidius, the story's antagonist who helps Coriolanus invade his own city, despite the fact that they are sworn enemies. Today we have another trailer for a Gerard Butler film, and while this character is still a violent individual who carries a weapon, this time he's fighting on the side of good.

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