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What Alias Grace Star Anna Paquin Thinks About Comparisons To The Handmaid's Tale

CinemaBlend recently sat down for a chat with Anna Paquin about her work on Netflix's Alias Grace, and she explained how she feels about inevitable comparisons to The Handmaid's Tale.

Why The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Is Getting Author Margaret Atwood More Involved

The Handmaid's Tale's explosive finale aired on Hulu this week, leaving a handful of major questions for the upcoming sophomore season. And now it looks like author Margaret Atwood will be more involved in the new episodes.

Darren Aronofsky Will Adapt Margaret Atwood's Sci-Fi MaddAddam Trilogy For HBO

His next project also includes a massive flood of sorts, oddly enough, as he and his Protozoa Pictures will be adapting Margaret Atwood’s apocalyptic MaddAddam trilogy as an HBO series. This marks the Oscar-nominated director’s first foray into TV, and it’s just the kind of offbeat tale one would expect from him.

Sarah Polley To Adapt Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace

The new project seems like an excellent fit for Polley, it being an adaptation of Margaret Atwood, another seminal Canadian author. Alias Grace is a work of historical fiction that follows an 1843 double murder at a wealthy estate, a crime committed by a 16 year old girl. Sounds like a really compelling narrative, especially when you factor in the unique point of view of the young female killer.

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