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Sci-Fi Novel Nexus Acquired By Paramount And Darren Aronofsky's Protozoa

Science is effectively altering definitions for what it means to be human. Medical advancements like pacemakers and hearing aids are commonplace now, but what of limb transplants that are completely robotic, or the future of gene modification’s effect on lifespans and personality traits?

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Black Swan Screenwriter Adapting Bestselling Thriller Syndrome E

The destructive power of art can be a fascinating theme, althoug more so in the case of something like Dorian Gray than the Pawnee Indian murals on Parks and Recreation. The international bestselling novel Le Syndrome E, written by French author Franck Thilliez

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Facebook Thriller XOXO Picked Up By Lionsgate

This past summer a report came out saying that Mark Heyman, one of the writers of Black Swan, was shopping around a new drama called XOXO. Similar to Fatal Attraction, the basic description of the plot was about a young man who begins flirting with a girl on Facebook who ends up becoming obsessed with him.

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Black Swan Writer Shopping Stalker Thriller XOXO

While I never made myself a "Eric's Favorite Movies of 2010" list, public or private, if I did the top two movies would have been The Social Network at number one and Black Swan at number two. Sure, they aren't the most shocking choices in the world, but, if anything, the number of lists the two titles showed up on demonstrates how incredibly great they were.

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Darren Aronofsky Prepping Machine Man To Direct After Wolverine 2

The one downside I can see to this is a concern that Aronofsky, trying to get Machine Man off the ground, won't be as available to help shape Wolverine 2

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