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Training Day's Antoine Fuqua Offered To Direct The Magnificent Seven, Narco Sub And Equalizer 2

Antoine Fuqua's last film, Olympus Has Fallen, was a big box office success when it came out last year, and this fall he is back working with his Training Day star Denzel Washington on the television show adaptation The Equalizer. These projects have gotten people excited, and as a result, some big studios are now courting him to helm three fairly significant upcoming projects.

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Doug Liman To Take Over Drug Smuggling Action Film Narco Sub

The film sounds like it’s right up Liman’s alley, set in the dangerous world of drug smuggling. The title refers to the semi-submersible crafts that South American drug cartels have been using to ship cocaine into the U.S. without having to deal with land-based authorities.

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Tony Scott Boards Action Thriller Narco Sub

Plot details are scarce because 20th Century Fox is keeping a lid on them, but it's being described as in the same vein as Crimson Tide and Man on Fire. They also add that the title, Narco Sub, likely refers to the underwater craft that drug dealers have used to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Maybe one of the drug-smuggling sailors will stage a mutiny over the nuclear launch codes?

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