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Watch This Supercut Of Epic Movie Shots From 2014

This supercut of 2014's best shots of cinematography might just leave you with stars in your eyes. Check out what one editor thought was the best of the best online.

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Watch The NSFW Footage That Was Too Much For Nymphomaniac

Not surprisingly, the above trailer has gotten more than its share of people to scream about pornography this morning, but considering anyone who would be offended isn’t this movie’s target audience, I highly doubt director Lars Von Trier cares.

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This Week In Home Entertainment: Bad Words, Nymphomaniac And More

Bad Words is a movie about a grown man who finds a loophole in a national spelling bee competition. Let’s just get that out of the way, first, because any man childish enough to dash the hopes of a slew of young children is obviously going to be some sort of a graceless jerk. In this case Jason Bateman plays the jerk

Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Divergent, Nymphomaniac and Noah

Looking to Divergent, Nymphomaniac and Noah for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of female-fronted YA dramas, steamy tales of love and sex, and inventive interpretations of bible stories.

NY Theater Wants You To Bring An Infant With You To See Nymphomaniac

Theater chains aren’t above the occasional wacky promotion to help fill seats. From costume contests to discounted rates for regular attendees, not a whole lot is out of bounds. If evidence is needed of that, look no further than a theater in New York City that is trying to coax parents in to see Nymphomaniac by promising to let all babies in free.

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Turkey Declares Nymphomaniac Porn, Bans It

Featuring hard-core sex and gruesome violence, the movies may be too much for most moviegoers to handle. But cinephiles in Turkey won't have the choice to see it in theaters, as the nation's film board has banned Nymphomaniac outright.

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March Movie Preview: The Muppets, Noah And Wes Anderson Usher In A Great Month Of Cinema

March is the month where both Hollywood and the indie circuit really kick into high gear, parading out big budget spectacles, quirky comedies, action romps and yes, even a Tyler Perry movie.

Nymphomaniac Volume I Gets A Sex-Filled Yet Safe For Work New Trailer

This Friday, husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends around the world will exchange cards, chocolates, presents and other affections to each other in honor of Valentine's Day, but director Lars von Trier seems to be celebrating the holiday in his own way.

What Made Shia LaBeouf Storm Out Of A Nymphomaniac Press Conference?

LaBeouf was in Berlin to help promote Lars Von Trier’s controversial film (which probably doesn’t need any additional attention, but hey, the cast was willing to hang in Berlin… at least, temporarily). THR reports that LaBeouf was asked one question by a media member, something along the lines of what it was like acting in a movie that required so many sex scenes.

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Nymphomaniac Volume II Gets SFW Trailer No One Asked For

Because the film's distributors might actually want to screen a trailer in theaters, they had to figure out how to make a green-band trailer out of a movie stuffed to the brim with "too hot for TV" moments.

Shia LaBeouf Took Pictures Of His Penis And Emailed Them To Nymphomaniac Producers

Let’s expand on that a little bit to make sure the full story really sinks in here. Shia LaBeouf took out a camera (maybe the one on his phone, maybe not), took off his pants and snapped a picture of his dick. Then, after deciding said picture was good enough (maybe he took multiple?), he emailed the X-rated snapshot to producers

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Lars Von Trier's Uncut Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 Will Premiere In Berlin

Berlin Film Festival will play host to the world premiere of to the director's cut version of Nymphomaniac: Volume 1. This is an intriguing new chapter in this provocative film's emerging development, as various cuts and concepts for release have been posed over the past two years.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Gets Weird With Redecorating In Latest Nymphomaniac Clip

A segment from "Chapter 7: The Mirror," this clip has the film's star Charlotte Gainsbourg cutting phone lines, taking down personal effects, covering mirrors and windows, and putting padding on just about any sharp corner in her apartment. Then she lays--fully clothed--on a stripped down bed. What is going on here?

You Can Watch Nymphomaniac At Home If It'll Make You Feel Less Weird

Judging by the fact that you just clicked on an article about Nymphomaniac, I feel pretty comfortable in saying you probably fall into one of two camps. Either you’re comfortable enough with sex, nudity and various perversions that you’re not weirded out by this film’s existence, or you’re so uncomfortable with sex, nudity and various perversions that you secretly and obsessively seek out news on this film to get your moral judgment on.

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Latest NSFW Nymphomaniac Clip Exhibits BDSM With Jamie Bell

The clip up top features the grown Joe with K (Bell), who she clearly shares in a sado-masochistic relationship with. Here he kindly presents her with a present, and wishes her a Happy Christmas. Perhaps less kind is the pet name he's given her: Fido. Nonetheless, Joe plays along albeit reluctantly. Picking up what appears to be a lash with her nickname scratched on it.

Nymphomaniac Trailer Is The Definition Of NSFW

After a string of teasers and tawdry posters, Lars von Trier has released a trailer so graphic that it's shocking it hasn't been pulled by Youtube already. I mean, there's a close-up of female genitalia before the two-second mark. From there, there's arson, depravity, and lots and lots of nudity and sex.

Lars Von Trier Has Given Up Nymphomaniac's Final Cut

Peter Aalbaek Jensen, von Trier's longtime producer, told Danish cinema magazine Filmmagasinet Ekko that the cut the iconoclast helmer turned in clocked in at a whopping 5 ½ hours. With the December world premiere of the film fast approaching, von Trier gave over his version to be cut down to a more manageable 4 hour cut that will be divided into two two-hour features.

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Sex And Nudity Fill Nymphomaniac's Latest Clip

Well, it looks like provocateur Lars von Trier is done playing coy with his upcoming release Nymphomaniac. Since 2011, the polarizing filmmaker has been promising this scandalous drama would feature unapologetic hardcore sex, and yet when it came to marketing the movie the first waves of images and clips were decidedly tame.

Check Out All Of Nymphomaniac's Sexed Up And Brilliant Posters

Over the last six months or so, however, the project has gone from a goofy pipe dream to a very real film with a legitimate cast, a strange solution to solve the sex issues and now, the most incredible, visually fascinating and brilliant movie posters you will see this year.

Nymphomaniac Clip Shows Uma Thurman As One Twisted Mother

August has brought Chapter 3, which features Uma Thurman as “Mrs. H.” As you can surely gather from the clip above, Joe (Martin) has clearly had sex with a married family man known as Mr. H (Hugo Speer). Mrs. H doesn’t appreciate this much, so she takes her three tow-headed sons into see “Daddy’s favorite place,” also known as “the whoring bed,” thereby rubbing her Mr’s nose in it.

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