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How Long Netflix's Ozark Could Last, According To The Showrunner

Netflix's newest dramatic thriller is the Jason Bateman-starring Ozark, and the showrunner hinted at how long the central narrative could pan out.

Why Netflix's Ozark Is The New Drama You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney's new Netflix series Ozark debuts this week, and here's why you won't be able to stop watching once you start.

Will Jason Bateman's New Crime Drama Be Similar To Breaking Bad? Here's What The Star Said

Is Netflix's everyman-gone-criminal drama Ozark as similar to Breaking Bad as its trailer had people thinking? Here's what star Jason Bateman says.

Jason Bateman's New Netflix Show Ozark Looks Ridiculously Intense

Jason Bateman is returning to Netflix long before Arrested Development returns, and his new show Ozark dropped its intense first trailer.

Jason Bateman Is Returning To TV, Get The Details

Jason Bateman has become one of the most consistently reliable sources for entertainment in recent years and he will soon make his way back to the medium that made him famous.

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