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McG Plans Die Hard-Esque Puzzle Palace As His Next Film

The script is written by David Guggenheim, who found a pretty good hit with Safe House last weekend, and according to McG, Guggenheim is doing another pass on the script while Summit, which picked up the project, works out its merger with Lionsgate. The story, which you could describe as "a teen Die Hard" if you wanted to, is about a kid clearing his father's name by breaking into the NYPD headquarters

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McG In Talks To Direct Teen Thriller Puzzle Palace

You may still not know his name, but David Guggenheim is having one hell of a year. While his only other credit before this year was as an office production assistant on the 1997 movie Addicted To Love, he has four scripts currently in active development, two of which have completed filming and are now in post-production.

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Summit Is Going To David Guggenheim's Puzzle Palace

David Guggenheim recently found himself amidst a bidding war for his very first screenplay, Safe House. Now he's in a similar, high stakes situation with Puzzle Palace. This one is a teen thriller about a kid who’s locked in a police station.

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