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Lil Kim Names Daughter Royal Reign, Rate Her Choice

On the other hand, naming your kid “Royal Reign” is kind of weird because she’s factually not royalty. She could growup to be the most educated, prim and proper woman in North America, and if she doesn’t marry into a royal family, her name is just a straight up lie.

Kate Winslet Names Son Bear, Rate Her Choice

Kate Winslet isn’t afraid to get a little weird when it comes to baby names, but apparently, there still is a line she’s unwilling to cross. An outside the box first name, for example, is on the right side of the divider. An outside the box last name, however, just doesn’t work. So, when she gave birth to her third child earlier this month, she went eccentric but not full-on weird.

Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Loved Rogen And Franco's Take On Bound 2

Kanye West is great at a lot of things. Taking a joke and underreacting are not typically among them. The musician recently flipped his shit on Jimmy Kimmel after the late night host mocked him and lost his nerve on Twitter after his music video was unexpectedly released early.

Who Hires Women To Get Naked At A Party? The Biebs Does

Think about the fratiest frat guy you met in college at his most frat-tastic point. Think about all the stupid and crazy nonsense he got up to. Now think about how much worse it would have been if he had millions of dollars, a mansion, flashy cars and famous friends at his disposal. All the shenanigans would probably have been turned up to eleven.

Miley Cyrus: The Pot I Smoked At The EMAs Was Real, Ya'll

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but the woman knows the way into teenage hearts. Looking for a way to follow up her much-discussed foam finger performance at the Video Music Awards, the starlet decided to go in a far less sexual direction for Sunday’s MTV Europe Music Awards. More specifically, she pulled out what appeared to be a joint and blazed it up while she was on stage.

Check Out Jennifer Lawrence's Spunky Short Haircut

Jennifer Lawrence is many things but a follower is definitely not one of them. So, when she decided to chop off her luscious locks and try something new, it should surprise no one she decided not to jump on the Miley Cyrus pixie cut train and instead opted for her own sassy and shortish concoction.

Is Lady Gaga Better Off Without Her Manager?

Lady Gaga has always been a little bit of a weirdo with an artsy streak to her. For a long time, that commitment to originality and variance was very much a positive, but in recent months, it has started to cause some very aggressive backsplash. Her frequent nudity has been taken to task by even some of her biggest supporters. Her strange performances have elicited some claims of boredom

Is Katy Perry Really the Biggest Musician In The World?

Sorry Justin Bieber. In what must have come as devastating news for the beleaguered pop star, the Biebs lost his status as the world’s most followed person today when Katy Perry blew right past him. At this moment, her account now boasts more than 46.5 million supporters, roughly about 30,000 more than her younger counterpart who held the world’s most followed person title for about nine months.

Watch One Direction Recreate Childhood Photographs In Brand New Video

Over the past few years, people on the Internet have gotten excited about recreating childhood photographs. Since then, the trend has popped up in plenty of places, but thanks to One Direction, the cute practice is about to get a whole lot more exposure.

Star Trek: Would Joe Cornish Be An Upgrade Over JJ Abrams?

We got some more forward progress on round three of Star Trek today. Maybe. Rumors are swirling that the fine folks over at Paramount might be excited about hiring Attack The Block director Joe Cornish to shepherd the newest installment to conclusion. Fan reaction thus far has been about as mixed as—oh I don’t know—everything about the last two Trek movies.

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Are Pasties Acceptable For Halloween?

Your average girl shows a little more skin than usual on Halloween, and as a general rule, society is okay with it. Women usually avoid talking shit about other women and the outfit choices they’ve made, and guys typically don’t make long-term assumptions about a girl’s personality just from what she chooses to wear on one night.

Kim And Kanye Are Hilariously At War With The Co-Founder Of YouTube

The majority of celebrity feuds make sense. Even absent details, it’s pretty easy to figure out why they started and how intense they probably are. This one, however, is a ludicrous wild card. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ready to go to war with, of all people, Chad Hurley, who is best known as one of the founders of YouTube.

Do You Have Any Confidence In Chris Brown Getting His Act Together?

Earlier this week, Chris Brown checked into rehab following his involvement in yet another brawl. He’s reportedly planning to stay at the facility in Malibu for ninety days and will work on his anger management issues while there. In theory, this sounds like an incredibly mature decision and a positive development in his life, but many of the singer’s harshest critics are seeing something far different.

Liberty Ross Admits Aftermath Of Kristen Stewart Affair Was Horrible

Coverage of the Twilight/ Snow White And The Huntsman cheating scandal has calmed down quite a bit since it blasted across the front page of damn near every newspaper in the country back in July of 2012. Everyone involved can now go about their business without an army of observers hurling questions about what the hell happened, but that doesn’t mean everything has simply gone back to normal.

Why Are We Still Talking About This Julianne Hough Blackface Thing?

I’m not in favor of blackface. If there were some kind of election going on in which I could vote either yes or no on white people darkening their skin to impersonate black people, I would definitely vote no. As such, I think anyone who goes that route should be forced to issue an apology and explain what the hell they were thinking.

Are You Bored Of Lady Gaga's Frequent Nudity?

Did you hear about Lady Gaga? She got naked. No, I’m not talking about in that bizarre Kickstarter campaign video. No, I’m not talking about in that ARTPOP promo either. She got naked on stage yesterday while performing at G-A-Y Nightclub in London over the weekend.

Why Didn't Kanye Bother Asking Bruce Jenner Before Proposing?

Earlier this month, Kanye West took his girlfriend/ baby mama/ longtime friend Kim Kardashian to AT&T Park in San Francisco, and in front of a full orchestra and numerous family members, he asked her to marry him. By all accounts, it was a beautiful moment filled with lots of tears and a giant engagement ring. One person, however, was noticeably absent.

Kanye And Kim Will Keep Finances Separate, Good Policy Or Sign Of Trouble?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might be getting ready to officially unite their lives by walking down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to unite their finances too. Now or ever. The reality star and the musician have reportedly decided to keep separate bank accounts that they fill with their own revenue streams throughout the marriage. That way, if anything happens to the relationship, it won’t be very difficult to split everything up.

Do You Think Less Of Katharine McPhee After Her Kinda Cheating Scandal?

Thanks to her tenure on American Idol and her generally sunny disposition, Katharine McPhee has long had a pretty high approval rating. Even as her show Smash got worse and worse, no one blamed her so much as the writers who didn’t quite know what to do with the musical after the first extremely likeable chunk of episodes.

Wait, Is Lindsay Lohan Hitting The Bottle Again?

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was skipping through recovery like a sober all-star without any sketchy whispers behind her back? Remember when we all woke up to dozens of days in which the actress and her shenanigans weren’t taking up at least one spot on Google News? Well, that magical time in all of our lives is over.

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