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Rob Zombie's The Munsters: 9 Questions We Have About The Upcoming Movie

I have a few questions about Rob Zombie's The Munsters.

Rob Zombie's Movies Streaming: How To Watch House Of 1000 Corpses And More

With a last name like his, you always know what you are in for with a Rob Zombie movie... usually.

Rob Zombie's The Munsters Movie: Why I Actually Dig The Idea Of It

Rob Zombie is directing The Munsters movie and I really dig it. Here's why...

Every Rob Zombie Movie, Ranked

Rob Zombie makes some of the craziest films out there. But what are his best? This list aims to find out.

Halloween Almost Got Another Sequel Before Rob Zombie’s Remakes
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How Hollywood Has Reacted To Sid Haig's Death

The passing of the horror icon has left the community shocked and saddened.

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Rob Zombie Calls Working On His Halloween Movies A ‘Miserable Experience'
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The Halloween Franchise Was Never Giving Rob Zombie A Third Movie

Ultra violent and cruel, Rob Zombie put his stamp on the franchise. But he wasn't going to get a threequel.

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Rob Zombie Addresses His Halloween Movies, And The Issue With Horror Reboots

Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode is back 40 years after the original film, telling a story about trauma, perseverance, and vengeance. But it wasn't long ago that director Rob Zombie released his own set of Halloween movies.

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Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects Is Getting A Sequel

After more than a decade since the original, Rob Zombie's 2005 fan-favorite film, The Devil's Rejects, is getting a sequel. The film will see Zombie return to the director's chair in what may be a reboot, prequel or sequel.

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Rob Zombie's Halloween Ten Years Later: What Worked And What Didn't

It's been 10 years since Rob Zombie took a crack at the Halloween franchise, so let's look back on what worked, as well as what didn't.

Wait, Rob Zombie Will Be Part Of An Upcoming Marvel Movie?

Is horror and heavy metal icon Rob Zombie involved in a highly anticipated Marvel adventure? Here's what we currently know.

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John Carpenter’s Blunt Opinion On Rob Zombie’s Version Of Halloween

Horror legend John Carpenter finally opened up regarding Rob Zombie's 2007 version of Halloween. And he didn't hold back.

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Rob Zombie's New Movie Keeps Getting An NC-17 Rating, And He's Beyond Annoyed

Just when you think film-making couldn't get any harder, leave to the MPAA to inject a little drama into the release of Rob Zombie's 31. Read on to see why the film's been slapped with the harshest rating, and what Zombie has to say about that.

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Another Horror Comedy Show Is In The Works At Starz

In just a little over a month, Starz will be premiering Ash vs Evil Dead on Halloween night, thus cementing it as one of the coolest TV networks ever. And it seems like the execs are fully interested in keeping the horror comedy train rolling.

Groucho Marx Is Getting A Movie From The Oddest Of Director Choices

An intriguing biopic about Groucho Marx is reportedly in the works, but the choice of director is unusual, as it will be helmed by none other than horror director Rob Zombie.

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Why Marvel May Be Pissed About Rob Zombie's New Horror Movie

It's perfectly fitting that the newest Rob Zombie film would be announced on the weekend of Halloween. And while his next project will not be a continuation of the rebooted Halloween franchise that he began back in 2007, the new film is still set on the ghastly, ghoulish holiday.

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Nathan Fillion's Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo Has Been Officially Revealed

Going back to April, there has been a lot of back and forth about what role Nathan Fillion would play in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. The Firefly star revealed to the crowd at St. Louis Comic-Con that he would have a role in the Marvel Studios film, but would not say what part he was playing and only hinted that it was a role that audiences will only be able to recognize after seeing his name in the end credits.

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Teaser For Rob Zombie's Lords Of Salem Makes Mozart Terrifying

Rob Zombie's new film The Lords of Salem has already premiered for audiences, playing as part of the Midnight Madness section at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and getting a distribution deal form Anchor Bay to the tune of $2 million for its troubles. The movie isn't set to be released until next spring

Rob Zombie To Direct Hockey Drama Broad Street Bullies

Rob Zombie will direct Broad Street Bullies, a movie about the notoriously thuggish Philadelphia Flyers hockey team that came into being during the 1970s. The team was famous for playing the supposedly unbeatable Soviet Union team of the time, known as the Red Army. The Flyers ended up playing so violently that the Russians wanted to quit after the first period. They did came back, however, when they were told that they wouldn't be paid unless they played the full game...

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