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The Most Pirated Shows Of 2017 Make Perfect Sense

2017 is very nearly at an end, which means the time has come to look back at the most-pirated shows of the past year. The results are exactly what you might expect.

The Team Behind Sherlock Is Making A Dracula TV Show, And We're Excited

The team behind Sherlock is making a Dracula TV show, and while that could possibly affect any small chance of Sherlock returning for Season 5, we're excited.

The Main Reason Sherlock May Not Return For Season 5

Sherlock fans finally got Season 4 in early 2017, but co-creator Mark Gatiss has some news about a possible Season 5 that may not please many viewers.

The 10 Greatest BBC Characters Of All Time, According To Fans

We've gotten a lot of top 10 lists over the years---thanks David Letterman---but the BBC recently conducted its own poll to determine which characters fans have identified with most over the years.

Sherlock’s Season Finale Was Leaked Online

The recent season finale of Sherlock mysteriously leaked online prior to its official debut. Get the details!

How Benedict Cumberbatch Is Actually Related To Sherlock Holmes Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
How Doctor Strange Affected Benedict Cumberbatch During Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had a big year in 2016 thanks to the release of Marvel's Doctor Strange, which was followed by filming for Sherlock Season 4. Now we know just how much of Doctor Strange he brought to Sherlock for the new season.

How Sherlock Will Change In Season 4

No person goes through four years of their life without changing a little bit and the same is true for Sherlock. Season 4 is coming and here is what is changing about Sherlock Holmes in the new episodes.

Why Sherlock Season 5 May Never Happen

Sherlock is finally returning for Season 4 in January 2017. Unfortunately, Season 5 may never happen for one very big reason.

The Crazy Way Sherlock Could End, According To Its Co-Creator

Sherlock is about to kick off its fourth season, but it turns out that one of the head honchos already has an idea of how he'd like the show to end some day, and it's kind of crazy.

The Sherlock Script Steven Moffat Is Most Proud Of

Steven Moffat has penned some of the most exciting scripts for Sherlock to date. Now, he has revealed just which he considers his best.

2017 Midseason TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

It's always a long wait between the end of the fall TV schedule and the start of the winter shows. Luckily, the networks and streaming services have gotten better and better about keeping our attention during the holiday season.

New Sherlock Season 4 Trailer Is Dark And Thrilling

With a new year comes Season 4 of Sherlock, and we've got a new trailer for the highly anticipated season. And things aren't looking up for Sherlock and John this time around.

Sherlock Season 4 Is Making A Big Change For Its Finale

It seems that Sherlock will do something incredibly special for fans with its series finale. Get the details!

New Sherlock Season 4 Images Feature Watson With A Baby

This week, the BBC released the first images from the upcoming season, and some of them give us clues about the upcoming season.

Sherlock Season 4 Finally Has A U.S. And U.K. Premiere Date

Sherlock Season 4 has been a long time coming. In fact, it's been in development for so long that it has kind-of felt like something that was still in the distant future. That is, until now.

Is Sherlock Ending? Here's What Benedict Cumberbatch Says

Fans of BBC's Sherlock have had to be very patient over the years thanks to the long gaps between seasons. Another set of adventures for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson is on the way, and star Benedict Cumberbatch has an idea of how much longer the series can last.

The First Image From Sherlock Season 4 Is Here, Check It Out

It feels like it's been forever since we've had much to go on about Sherlock Season 4. Now, the first image of what's to come has hit the web, and it's worth getting excited.

What To Expect From Sherlock Season 4, According To Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock Season 4 is coming sometime next year, and there's still exactly a dozen questions people want to know the answers. Like always, Sherlock as all the answers. Check out what Benedict Cumberbatch says to expect from the season.

Sherlock Season 4 Will Be The Darkest Yet

Sherlock fans have had to wait a very long time for new episodes. Season 4 is now officially on the way, and it looks like the next adventures of Sherlock and John will be plenty dark as well.

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